How to find the best personal injury attorney for you?

Look through the reviews of the law firms or particular lawyers in your city and look at those with a high average rating, and the the type of injury the reviewer had (if mentioned). A Law Firm or Law Office will generally have lawyers who tend to specialize in a type of injury case so that overall the Firm deals with a variety of cases. Some will clearly say they are specialists in for instance car accidents. Have a look at their website (from link) and look at testimonials and cases they have succeeded in winning. Plan on contacting several for an initial consultation and do not be afraid to say to each that you will contact others before deciding. You must talk with the actual lawyer who will run your case. Ask questions about their having done cases like yours and do not go with any attorney unless you feel you are comfortable working with them. 

The LOCATIONS PAGE lists all cities with reviews of personal injury attorneys in that city.

What is a Personal Injury Attorney?

The legal practitioner who will run your case, or any case where someone has been injured, is a Personal Injury Attorney.

The injury can be physical, psychological, or “suffering”.  The claims against the defendant can include actual cost of medical, and other specialist treatments and ongoing costs as a result of the injury. The ongoing costs can greatly exceed the immediate costs if a person is incapacitated in any way, has ongoing “suffering”, or is unable to work or study as would otherwise be. These need a thorough presentation by experts. 

There are so many and varied types of injury and so many and varied causes of those injuries and so some personal injury attorneys specialize in one class of injury.

There are many who deal mostly with vehicle accidents – bicycle, motorbike, car or truck. Some even specialize in accidents with particular types of vehicle, such as 18 wheeler. They will have learnt all the possible causes, vehicle faults, the laws and cases involving vehicle accidents, the types of resulting injuries, expert consultants, and the insurance companies.  

Similarly so with all the complicated medical procedures done by so many medical professionals with so many ways something can go wrong with anyone from before being born to old age. In these cases with a huge potential cost to the loser experts will be called to argue the case on both sides. The experts would be medical malpractice attorneys, specialized personal injury attorneys. In these cases the lawyers will have to either prove there was medical negligence, or malpractice, or that there was not. The defendants and their insurance companies will be difficult to deal and with and delay and stall and so a case may last several years, and compensation claims and awards can be huge. 

A faulty product or procedure may have caused injury to many people. For some particular products or medical procedures causing an injury to many your injury lawyer may enroll you in class action with people with a similar claim join together to to fight against makers of a product or surgeons doing a procedure. This could be anything from faulty brand of car tire to a building product causing mesothelioma to a medicine with side effects to a surgical procedure such as vaginal mesh.

Another type of personal injury is commonly known as slip and fall. These injuries (not only an actual slip or fall) could happen on public footpaths or parks, in a shopping mall, office lobby, railway station, or any public space, and in other people’s or companies’ space. They could be caused be any number of things from a slippery floor, unsecure handrail, or an automatic door. There may seem to be no obvious person to blame, but all property and spaces are ultimately managed by someone or some entity.

It is fair to say that whatever product, procedure, mismanaged space, vehicle, or animal causes an injury some personal injury attorneys, some even specializing in such a case, will accept the case and fight whoever or whatever is responsible for an injury for your proper compensation, as is your right. 

The aim of all parties, the injured, the defendant and all insurances will try to settle a case out of court, even while seeming not to. However some cases cannot be settled and will need to go to trial. and then your legal team will include a trial attorney, or attorneys, or barrister.  


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