Injured? By someone, somehow? The lawyers all say they will get best compensation. Some do. Here’s some very happy people talking about their AWESOME injury lawyer who did, and few who say “AVOID!” this lawyer. Good reading here. You’ll learn a lot and find a lawyer who will fight for your rights and best compensation.

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Expert Personal Injury Lawyers in Boston MA

# Business Name Address Phone Website Categories Rating
1 Law Offices of Jeffrey S. Glassman, LLC 1 International Place #1810, Boston, MA 02110, USA +1 617-367-2900 lawyer, point_of_interest, establishment 4.4 
Review # 1: I have never ever been through anything like what I went through in my situation. I felt overwhelmed and didn’t know what to do or the first step I should make. Everyone from this law office that worked with me, made me very comfortable. I am so so glad that I found them to help me with my case. A lot of law offices I talked to did not want to take on my case because it was a “tricky” case. But the Law Office of Jeffrey Glassman had confidence in me and this case, and it turned out very well for me in the end. I’m so appreciative of everyone who helped me, and I most definitely will be reccomending this office to everyone I know. They are amazing and I will be using them in the future if ever need be. Thank you guys all so much! (reviewed by: Alexandria Milanorating: 5 date published: April 6, 2018)
Review # 2: Beginning with the first home visit from Bob in October 2017 (which was very much appreciated as I was not very mobile) to the workmans comp settlement hearing in December 2017, I was very satisfied. I appreciated the professionalism, courtesy and competence of all involved. I had a situation with a less than ideal employer and Laura., Ryan, and Bob were honest and very responsive with any questions I had, and I had many! We filed for a speedy hearing and were granted an early date which prompted the insurance company to put forward an offer. I would recommend the Law Offices of Jeffrey Glassman to anyone seeking a personal and professional touch in their choice of an attorney. I wouldn’t hesitate to refer a friend. (reviewed by: Rick Cromwell rating: 5 date published: February 16, 2018)
Review # 3: They are very professional and work well as a team for me. From the start they helped to do everything that was needed to be done for my settlement. I was very surprised and loved the birthday card and the Christmas card that they sent. I would recommend them because they are wonderful. (reviewed by: Catherine McCra rating: 5 date published: February 16, 2018)
Review # 4: An absolute amazing experience working with the Law offices of Jeffrey S. Glassman. Attorney M. Hodgman was phenomenal, she was honest and up front about everything. She work diligently to help win my son’s case in the best way possible.I highly recommend Law Offices of Jeffrey S. Glassman. (reviewed by: Bianca Williams rating: 5 date published: March 2, 2018)
Review # 5: It’s been well over a year and a half since I decided to give this law firm a chance and I made the decision to switch attorneys and still there is no resolution on my case on getting me the corresponding funds that I’m entitled to. I keep getting the same answer every time I email for updates or call for updates. Everything is rolling as it should and here we go again and again with the same answer months and months later. I go back to dates where I read the emails back and forth and nothing has changed from emails, the answer is always the same. Let’s just hope this all comes to a positive resolution soon. In the meantime, I will continue to be positive and patient and hope for good news that would make my case worth all of this wait. Still waiting on my attorney to call me back on an update on my case which still has a portion of my settlement pending but I guess since they already got their payment and they’ve made their good amount of income they forgot to reach out to a supposedly valuable customer. (reviewed by: julian sanchez rating: 1 date published: October 20, 2017)
2 Tom Kiley Personal Injury Lawyers of Boston 265 Franklin St #1702, Boston, MA 02110, USA +1 617-302-8489 lawyer, point_of_interest, establishment
Review # 1: I’m very pleased working with the Kiley Law Group – we have an outstanding working relationship! They are courteous and always willing to answer any questions. I highly recommend the firm to anyone who may need a personal injury lawyer. (reviewed by: Nave Marquez rating: 5 date published: March 26, 2018)
Review # 2: A fantastic group of litigators that stand to help you! Great communication from firm to client. Strongly recommend for your needs. (reviewed by: Benjamin Lynam rating: 5 date published: April 5, 2018)
Review # 3: After being involved in a motorcycle accident, I contacted Attorney Doug Henderson at Kiley Law Group, which turned out to be the best decision I could have made! I explained my difficult situation and how badly this accident impacted my life. It was clear that Attorney Henderson truly cared, and he promised to personally work to settle my case as fast as possible, and he stayed true to his word. Shortly after, he settled my case for the full amount. The combination of his legal expertise and compassion for his clients truly makes Doug Henderson the best attorney. I strongly recommend him and Kiley Law Group to anyone in need, and he has a customer for life in me. (reviewed by: josh cogswell rating: 5 date published: November 10, 2017)
Review # 4: I found Thomas Kiley to be very considerate and passionate about his work. He is very thorough and trustworthy. He was able to help my daughter through tough times and made us feel at ease at our anxious moments. (reviewed by: Linda Plain rating: 5 date published: December 13, 2017)
Review # 5: Everyone I dealt with at Kiley Law Group during the course of my case was extremely helpful and compassionate. The made sure to exhaust every option and went above and beyond to make sure I received everything I needed and deserved. I have recommended them to numerous friends and will continue to do so in the future. (reviewed by: Kelly Deady rating: 5 date published: September 28, 2017)
3 Kelly & Associates Injury Lawyers 83 Atlantic Ave suite 202, Boston, MA 02110, USA +1 617-807-0855 lawyer, point_of_interest, establishment
Review # 1: I can’t thank everyone enough at Kelly & associates law firm. They were very organized and communicated very well through out my case. I’m very happy with my settlement and highly recommend this firm for anyone else seeking help in getting a settlement for their own personal injury. (reviewed by: kayla Miller rating: 5 date published: February 23, 2018)
Review # 2: Great company ! They have associates that speak diversity of languages. It was great to find a law firm that speaks my native language. Mike is so professional and all the staff answered all my questions. Defiantly recommend !! (reviewed by: Bruna Coelho rating: 5 date published: February 12, 2018)
Review # 3: Kelly & associates law firm is a very organized and highly recommend firm for anyone else seeking help in getting a settlement for their own personal injury. There stuff are all very nice and hard working. (reviewed by: Kaitalyn Brooks rating: 5 date published: March 7, 2018)
Review # 4: Great firm! Highly recommend. Everyone was so nice and answered all of my questions regarding my car accident. They truly do care about their clients. (reviewed by: Carolina Gomezrating: 5 date published: February 13, 2018)
Review # 5: Very Helpful! Answered all my questions with regards to a Motor Vehicle Accident. Great Law Firm. Highly Recommend! (reviewed by: chris lopez rating: 5 date published: February 20, 2018)
4 Law Office of John J. Sheehan 44 School St #815, Boston, MA 02108, USA +1 617-973-1593 lawyer, point_of_interest, establishment
Review # 1: I hired Attorney John Sheehan for a difficult case involving my husband. I was more than impressed when I meet him for the first time. He took the time with my husband and showed such compassion for his situation. He was very honest from the start that it was a difficult case and clearly explained the process to us. He said he would handle everything from that point on and he kept to his word right down to the medical aspect of his case. He handled the case from start to finish and the settlement was more than fair to us. It is hard to find a lawyer that really cares about the person not the settlement and that lawyer is John Sheehan. If I needed him again I know I could trust him from start to finish with no worries. Trish (reviewed by: Patricia Kinahan-Smith rating: 5 date published: August 8, 2017)
Review # 2: John Sheehan is excellent. He is thorough, informative, patient, and so helpful. He has never made me feel rushed or as if I ask too many questions. He assures that I have an excellent understanding of my options. Every phone conversation and in person meeting is always pleasant. I’ve had such an excellent experience with him and his paralegal, Amelia. John is genuine, very helpful and honest. The entire culture of his office is great. John’s advice is solid, honest, and in my best interest. He is empathetic and diligent and stays on top of everything. (reviewed by: Ann Thomasrating: 5 date published: August 21, 2017)
Review # 3: My mom and I had a great experience with John and his team. John came to my mom’s house to meet with her and explained to us how he was going to proceed with the case. His staff is very professional and returns calls very promptly. Thank you so much. (reviewed by: Sandra Lamontagne rating: 5 date published: August 9, 2017)
Review # 4: John J. Sheehan is a great man and a fantastic lawyer. My father suffered a debilitating, life changing car accident in 1979 and we decided to settle the case in 2015. The law offices of John Sheehan proved to be an excellent choice. The extensiveness and complexity regarding the medical condition of my father made for a very specific case requiring attention to detail. Mr Sheehan expressed an immediate desire to take on this challenge. He is a very kind and understanding person who cares greatly for his clients. He was very open, honest, thoughtful, thorough and proved to be an excellent council as well. Communication with the office proved to be equally excellent with responses being swift and informative. We Highly recommend the Law offices of John J Sheehan to any family or persons seeking excellence in professional representation. Thanks to Mr Sheehan we could not be happier with the outcome and want to wish the very best to John and his Family. Thank you;) (reviewed by: Todd Cyr rating: 5 date published: January 27, 2017)
Review # 5: Attorney Sheehan recently represented me for a work accident claim. John was courteous, professional and knowledgeable. My case was a bit complex as my injury turned into a chronic disease. John and his staff were there for me, and still are, when I need them. They get fair results and explain everything to make sure you are up to date on what is happening and why. I completely recommend Attorney Sheehan to help you with any of your legal needs regarding your injury. John is working very hard to advance his practice, one of the things he does the most to accomplish this goal is to make sure his clients are having their needs met and getting a fair shake. (reviewed by: Nicolas Costa rating: 5 date published: January 11, 2013)
5 Sweeney Merrigan Law, LLP 268 Summer St, LL, Boston, MA 02210, United States +1 617-391-9001 lawyer, point_of_interest, establishment
Review # 1: Sweeney Merrigan Law was a pleasure to work with in many aspects. My attorney, Mark Cashman was prompt and informative in his communication, and he always delivered his promises. Mark gathered all of the important information for my case in a timely manner. He maintained communication with my medical professionals, and firmly negotiated my settlement. Most importantly, I felt Mark’s professionalism and personality in all of our interactions. I asked him many questions and i never felt rushed over the phone or in person. I highly recommend Mark for medical malpractice or a personal injury claim. (reviewed by: A Google User rating: 5 date published: April 16, 2018)
Review # 2: Peter Merrigan of Sweeney Merrigan Law handled my case very expertly. I was in a small Mazda 3 and was crashed into 3 times in succession by a Volvo ACL Dump Truck. There was a 3rd car involved as well. I was injured, scared, overwhelmed with phone calls, paperwork, and a lack of action on my behalf by the auto insurance companies. Peter and his paralegal team handled all the tough details, gave me good counsel, and stayed with me until the end, making sure that all the bills were paid. I received phenomenal therapeutic care for my back, and worked through my recovery. And thankfully, Peter also negotiated a very good settlement for the injuries I suffered. Definitely call Sweeney Merrigan to discuss what you’ve suffered, and hear how they can help you through it, and be compensated for your losses. (reviewed by: A Google User rating: 5 date published: December 28, 2017)
Review # 3: Okay, here it is I fell in a bar, I slipped on puddle of booze dislocated my hip and crack my pelvis. I told everybody they’re like no way you were in a bar it’s not going to happen you’re not going to get any settlement. Losers….. not only did I get like 23 Grand I didn’t have any witnesses that would help me and no camera footage, everybody said oh she’s drunk and this and that it’s a bar well Tucker merrigan is the man so if somebody did you wrong and you know you were not at fault and you are unable to lead the life you were leading before something bad happened to you that somebody else is responsible for, call Tucker Merrigan, he da man. I received my awesome settlement in less than a year from my fall. #money (reviewed by: A Google User rating: 5 date published: January 2, 2018)
Review # 4: I met with several lawyers before choosing Sweeney Merrigan Law. Upon our first meeting with them all my questions were answered directly and I was given expectations based on my case straight away. It was an open dialogue and unlike the conversations I had with other firms I didn’t feel like anything was being hid from me. I immediately felt like I could trust them to take care of me. They made the process easy and gave me an excellent outcome. I made the right choice and highly recommend turning to Sweeney Merrigan with your claims. (reviewed by: A Google User rating: 5 date published: January 30, 2017)
Review # 5: Two years ago I watched my daughter get hit by a car while she was crossing the street. As she began her long recovery a friend recommended that I call Tucker Merrigan for legal advice. From the very beginning he was kind, thoughtful, caring and honest. I felt comfortable calling him up with any question or concern knowing that he would give me a well thought out and truthful response. He really listened and ended up giving me excellent advice. I would recommend him without any hesitation. Thank you Tucker. (reviewed by: A Google User rating: 5 date published: August 4, 2016)
6 Law Offices of Mark E. Salomone 60 State St, Boston, MA 02109, USA +1 617-338-4321 lawyer, point_of_interest, establishment
Review # 1: Every two weeks I receive phone calls from Lilly in regards to my treatment and emails if I’m not available at the time of call. She is very professional and knowledgeable. I’m very happy with the service is provided to me. (reviewed by: Nakitta Jones rating: 5 date published: August 17, 2017)
Review # 2: After my car accident I contacted the Law Offices of Mark E. Salomone Lily (Lirymar) Rivera is my File Administrator. She is an excellent source of help. Lily has answered all my questions and responds to every call or email quickly. I would highly recommend Law Offices of Mark E. Salomone and Lily (Lirymar) Rivera. (reviewed by: Shane Miller rating: 5 date published: August 3, 2017)
Review # 3: Good customer service and very polite. They are very detailed and worked for me. I would recommend them to anyone. (reviewed by: Jessica Rivera rating: 5 date published: August 4, 2017)
Review # 4: Friendly, professional and caring! The attorneys and administrators at The Law Offices of Mark E. Salomone work hard on their clients’ behalf. Highly recommended. (reviewed by: Wandelyz Jimenez rating: 5 date published: June 29, 2016)
Review # 5: Excellent customer service! Odete was extremely friendly and very knowledgable. If you need legal services I would highly recommend them. (reviewed by: Ann Morytko rating: 5 date published: June 28, 2016)
7 Law Office of Steven R. Whitman, LLC 197 Portland St, 5th Floor, Boston, MA 02114, United States +1 617-870-3347 lawyer, point_of_interest, establishment
Review # 1: The best law office I’ve ever dealt with. My family and I have been clients for over 10+ years with the law firm. Mr. Whitman and the team is never too busy for their clients. You all #ROCK here are 5 more additional stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐. (reviewed by: Nettie Nette rating: 5 date published: March 29, 2018)
Review # 2: I have known Attorney Whitman for the past 7 years and will recommend him in a blink of an eye to all my friends and family, if they ever need one. He listens and addresses the issue to the point which is what one looks for in a good lawyer. He is excellent, personable, patient, and never have I ever felt that he was taking advantage of my situation or charging me more. Believe me, I consulted others before making my decision to go with Mr. Whitman. (reviewed by: Shilpa rating: 5 date published: October 21, 2017)
Review # 3: I highly recommend this attorney office! I was recently struck by a car while walking on a crosswalk and was recommended to call attorney, Dan Munnelly, who was a great help to me. During my case, my attacker’s lawyer and insurance company was being difficult over settling and wanted to investigate my accident further; however, the Steve Whitman office was adamant about making sure that I was taken care of and reassured them that I was not at fault. They made sure all my hospital and physical therapy bills were taken care of by my offender’s insurance company. When my case was over, I was handed a nice settlement. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND The Law Office of Steve Whitman!! (reviewed by: Weldon Powell rating: 5 date published: September 22, 2017)
Review # 4: Attorney Steven Whitman and his associates are very professional, knowledgeable, and confident, and Mr. Whitman always took the time to explain the legal process every step of the way during my case. I am very happy that I chose Mr. Whitman to represent me, and I highly recommend him. (reviewed by: Laura Schaub rating: 5 date published: December 13, 2017)
Review # 5: Steve was great to work with he was diligent in helping my with my case his hard work and availability was great he kept me informed and his advice was invaluable. He had my best interests in mind at all times I would definitely reach out to him again and recommend him to family and friends. (reviewed by: Josh Bynoe rating: 5 date published: October 16, 2017)
8 Thornton Law Firm LLP 100 Summer St #3000, Boston, MA 02110, USA +1 617-720-1333 lawyer, point_of_interest, establishment
Review # 1: One of the best attorney’s I have ever worked with! (reviewed by: Ryan Henley rating: 5 date published: May 26, 2017)
9 Breakstone, White & Gluck 2 Center Plz #530, Boston, MA 02108, USA +1 617-723-7676 lawyer, point_of_interest, establishment 4.9 
Review # 1: I deal with lawyers daily in my capacity as president of an insurance agency specializing in lawyers’ matters. Marc’s attention to detail was evident from the start of my case. His communication was focused, efficient, and kept me abreast of my case as it developed. His research and the manner in which he conducted the depositions were significant factors that drove the successful outcome of my case. Marc’s direct style is an asset as he is honest with his assessment of the case and firm in his resolve to achieve the very best outcome for you as his client. Marc is exactly what you need in a lawyer when you entrust him with your case. You expect a direct, honest assessment of success, you expect dedication to your case, you expect regular communication and above all you expect focused, expert negotiation skills when the time is right. Marc has mastered these legal skills and uses them in an expert manner when he negotiates on your case. I would recommend Marc without reservation. He is the bulldog you want on your side. (reviewed by: Terence Welsh rating: 5 date published: March 23, 2018)
Review # 2: If you need a personal liability attorney, I can recommend Marc Breakstone without reservation. Marc is a true professional, who energetically pursued our case to a satisfactory conclusion. My elderly mother was critically injured in a fall down stairs at her nursing home, the result of inadequate measures for resident safety and supervision. Although nothing could bring her back, we pursued legal action in hopes of preventing similar incidents at the facility in the future. Marc did not disappoint in his prosecution of this complicated case. He has intimate knowledge of the terrain of the Massachusetts courts, the Department of Public Health, and suits like this, and in his familiarity with mediation thus avoiding trial. There did not seem to be anything in the process that he did not anticipate and he proceeded with complete confidence. He was also singularly responsive to our emails and calls, and kept us informed and engaged at every step through this unhappy time for our family. (reviewed by: Philip Stashenko rating: 5 date published: March 8, 2018)
Review # 3: Marc Breakstone was there for my family and I in the darkest time in our life. Tragedy struck our family suddenly after a minor hospital procedure ended in the loss of my husband’s life. Marc came highly recommended by a colleague and now I know why. From the very beginning the advice he gave me was instrumental in the successful outcome. He clearly knew what he was doing every step of this long journey. His knowledge and experience was clear to me through the whole process. He took the time to see the picture of our family before our loss and after. A life like my husbands can never be replaced …thank you Marc Breakstone for being the fighter our family needed! I would recommend Marc to anyone looking for a compassionate, experienced and tenacious advocate. (reviewed by: Lynn C rating: 5 date published: March 11, 2018)
Review # 4: My case was handled by attorney david white. He kept me informed every step of the way. And settled my case faster than expected. This is the most professional law firm ive ever dealt with in boston.They are the dream team! And i absolutely recommend david white if you have a personal injury case. Thanks (reviewed by: Edward Bloomer rating: 5 date published: April 12, 2018)
Review # 5: Reza Breakstone took my case and my experience was excellent, he guided me through every step of the way and was available whenever I had a question. I highly recommend him. (reviewed by: Scarlett de la Vega Ochoa rating: 5 date published: April 3, 2018)
10 Sheff Law Offices, P.C. 10 Tremont Street The Daniel Webster Suite, 7th Floor, Boston, MA 02108, United States +1 617-227-7000 lawyer, point_of_interest, establishment
Review # 1: My firm has referred complex cases to Sheff Law and I’ve always been impressed with the results. Doug and his colleagues are extremely intelligent and experienced in litigating complex matters, especially traumatic brain injuries. I highly recommend Sheff Law. (reviewed by: Jeff Murad rating: 5 date published: November 30, 2017)
Review # 2: The attorneys at Sheff Law were excellent at handling my girlfriends personal injury claim. A great reliable team of attorneys that worked hard to get us fast results! We thank you again! (reviewed by: fausto oviedo rating: 5 date published: October 25, 2017)
Review # 3: Our small boutique workers’ compensation practice has trusted Sheff Law with our most complex third party liability cases since our inception. The expertise of Sheff Law’s attorneys has resulted in fantastic results for our clients, whether by voluntary resolution (settlement) or trial verdict. If you’re looking for a knowledgeable, respected plaintiff’s firm, you cannot go wrong choosing Sheff Law. Highly recommend. (reviewed by: Stacie Sobosik rating: 5 date published: September 28, 2017)
Review # 4: I strongly recommend Sheff Law, they were always very kind to my kids and I, always made us feel comfortable every time we visit. They take your case very serious and go all the way to help you, they will let you know everything you need and concerns, always on top. Because of them I won my lawsuit I had of brain injury that happened to my son. Thanks again, Miss you Sheff Law Always, Jesmairis Almonte (reviewed by: Jariell A. rating: 5 date published: October 10, 2017)
Review # 5: Sheff law office and their expert of team are very helpful outgoing and professional best in mass thank you guys for everything… (reviewed by: Johnny Sanchez rating: 5 date published: November 17, 2017)
11 Turco Legal 15 Court Square #800, Boston, MA 02108, USA +1 617-657-4878 lawyer, point_of_interest, establishment
Review # 1: ALL i can say is that Damian Turco saved my day! I walked into court in a frantic didn’t know what i was going to do about my case. I walked in and immediately greeted me and with out a question help me with my very difficult case that had to do with my daughter. i would recommend Damian to any one that needed help with a problem or a court order just anything that you needed help with in family probate court . There are not many lawyers that would take time out of there day to help me with a matter i needed for that day . All i can say is that if it wasn’t for him i truly don’t know what i would have done . I am so grateful for this man for doing what he did to help me. I recommend if anyone needs help with there case in the family probate court in Cambridge ma to contact him . I promise you will be grateful you did . thank you again Damian for the support and help you gave me . Sara F. (reviewed by: sara fisher rating: 5 date published: November 17, 2017)
Review # 2: Attorney turco was really helpful one of the best lawyers I ever talked with thanks a lot. (reviewed by: D Mode rating: 5 date published: September 26, 2017)
Review # 3: Damian Turco handled my daughters accident case. I cannot say enough about him professional and caring and honest. He answers his phone and if he can’t he always calls right back it was great to have access to our lawyer. He answered all our questions and we had a lot of them. We were very happy with the outcome of her case and would highly recommend Damion.He is a great guy very happy he represented our daughter. (reviewed by: donna buonomo rating: 5 date published: November 5, 2016)
Review # 4: Damian Turco at Turco legal is one of the best lawyers and people that I have ever met. He not only won my case through his diligent work ethic and professional demeanor, but he made me feel like a part of his family. I owe Damian everything for giving me my life back and allowing me to begin again with a fresh start. Thank you Turco Legal! (reviewed by: Deanna Marie rating: 5 date published: September 29, 2016)
Review # 5: We never needed legal assistance before, and litigation was foreign to us. Damian Turco took us through the process step by step, kept a confident and positive attitude that reassured us, and continually updated us on his progress. Legal situations can be uncomfortable, painful and upsetting. Atty. Turco put us at ease while he represented us. He was both personable and professional through the entire process and worked hard on our behalf for a favorable conclusion. His knowledge and familiarity with the law concerning our case was impressive. We hope that we are never put into a situation where we need legal representation again, but if we do, we know who we’ll call. You should too. (reviewed by: Shawn Rogers rating: 5 date published: December 19, 2015)
12 Feinberg & Alban PC 2 Center Plz Boston #620, Boston, MA 02108, United States +1 617-232-5950 lawyer, point_of_interest, establishment
Review # 1: My wife and I were in need of an attorney to arrange a trust for our growing family. While considering several firms, Ludwig Alban was hands-down the best. He is easy to work with, exceptionally professional and honest. Ludwig is very patient and more than happy to answer any questions and explain any legal nuance. We were very pleased with our experience can’t thank or recommend Ludwig enough. (reviewed by: Eric Gustafson rating: 5 date published: April 21, 2018)
Review # 2: I was worried that my case would get further delayed after having to switch lawyers halfway through it but that was not the case. Mr. Feinberg picked up right where it left off and put the work in to get things moving again. Shortly after switching to attorney Feinberg’s firm, my case was settled and I was very pleased with the outcome. I would highly recommend attorney Feinberg and his firm to anyone in need of legal representation. They are caring, thoughtful, and they gave me as much time as I needed to discuss the case with them. Overall, I was happy with my experience working with Feinberg & Alban PC and I got a very good settlement! (reviewed by: Edwin Angjeli rating: 5 date published: April 10, 2018)
Review # 3: A law firm in a class by itself. I worked with Attorney Alexis Cahill who not only was able to meet the needs of my mother who was hit by a truck, but also was able to advocate efficiently on her behalf. Throughout the process, we were kept abreast fo the situation in a timely and professional manner. Law firm to be strongly recommended to anyone. (reviewed by: Herve Anoh rating: 5 date published: March 1, 2018)
Review # 4: Robert Feinberg and Colleen Santora represented me in a case that lasted almost four years. They showed consistently superior professionalism, skill, and knowledge throughout the process, and worked tirelessly with persistence and patience to achieve an excellent settlement. Moreover, they placed a high degree of importance on ethical behavior and honest communication. I recommend them and the firm unequivocally. (reviewed by: Robert Scalea rating: 5 date published: January 15, 2018)
Review # 5: I recently completed a series of real estate transactions with the help of attorney Ludwig Alban from Feinberg & Alban. One of those transactions was certainly the most complicated I have every been involved with. And I can state without hesitation that without the assistance, responsiveness and experience of attorney Alban, I would have found myself in a very difficult situation. I highly recommend the services of this firm and its attorneys. (reviewed by: Charles Kekeh rating: 5 date published: February 25, 2018)
13 Carney Law Firm 10 High St #401, Boston, MA 02110, USA +1 617-426-9797 lawyer, point_of_interest, establishment
Review # 1: Brendan Carney did superlative work for  us in a Worker’s Comp case over the last 18 months. He made sure that we understood at the start what each part of the recovery process would be, and how to move through it.As we progressed, he responded promptly by either call or email to any concerns or questions we had, and he made sure that we were clear on what was happening as questions arose. He never became impatient when explaining legal proceedings to lay individuals; nor when having to repeat the explanation again.  Brendan was very understanding and supportive emotionally as well as being knowledgeable and experienced legally. He worked with us to achieve the best possible outcome in a very difficult situation, and we would highly recommend him. (reviewed by: Sam Melville rating: 5 date published: April 28, 2017)
Review # 2: Brendan knows what he’s doing. His legal representation on my behalf, during one of the most painful and frustrating periods of my life, was always above and beyond. He followed my case until it came to a resolution that I was satisfied with, and his attention to detail and familiarity with the workers compensation process and with TBIs continues to prove invaluable on my own road to recovery. Navigating the ins and outs of legalese is something you can’t do alone, but not all counsel is the same. I spoke with two other lawyers before choosing Brendan, but, as soon as I met him, I knew he was the right fit. One successful case later, and I am sure of it. (reviewed by: Kristy Johnson rating: 5 date published: August 4, 2017)
Review # 3: Approx. 9 years ago, i was involved in an accident at a job site. After getting alot of the run-around from the laywers involved with the insurance company, i wasnt happy where my case was going. I was able to get in touch with Brendan Carney, and his father. They came HIGHLY reccommended from my Uncle who was once a lawyer as well. After meeting with them, i knew i was in more than capable hands. He always responded to my emails in a very quick manner and made sure i understood everything. i was extremely happy with the disposition of the case and my settlement. A few years ago, i had gotten into a motorcycle accident that wasnt my fault. i called one of the ambulance chasers and they said my case was something they couldnt handle. On a whim, i decided to call Brendan again. I sent him everything involved and in short time, he was able to get me a settlement on the case that was quite content with. If there is one person who works for his clients, and not the fame, it is definitely Brendan Carney! He goes above and beyond. He doesnt talk down, is very patient! i can not thank him enough for all that he has done for me! (reviewed by: Olivia’s Dadd rating: 5 date published: September 29, 2017)
Review # 4: Attorney Brendan Carney did an outstanding job assisting me with my workers compensation claim. He handled everything for me and reached a great settlement for me. I am very happy with his efforts and that of the whole firm. (reviewed by: michelene parker rating: 5 date published: April 19, 2017)
Review # 5: Brendan is a great lawyer he knows what he’s talking about and when he says he’s going to do something he does it he was there for me every step of the way responded to me very promptly whether it was by text email or phone calls he never left me in the dark as soon as he knew something he would let me know he’d be the first one I would recommend to anybody thank you brendan for helping me and my family (reviewed by: John Mckinney rating: 5 date published: April 18, 2017)
14 Joel H. Schwartz, P.C. 1 Washington St #16, Boston, MA 02108, USA +1 617-742-1170 lawyer, point_of_interest, establishment 4.9 
Review # 1: This law firm is the best. I was informed about my disability benefits every step of the way. Lilly Schwartz is one of the most competent professional’s to work with, her knowledge about Social Security Benefits is Second to None. I highly recommend this law firm for your legal needs. (reviewed by: Daniel Pilachowski rating: 5 date published: March 29, 2018)
Review # 2: Alan Klevan is a superb attorney and was a bulldog in ensuring I received my just compensation from injuries sustained from an automobile accident. Being relatively new to Boston and to the civilian community (I’m a retired Army Officer) I had no idea where to turn after I was hit. Alan shepherded me through the process and made it very low impact on me. Cannot thank him enough. Well done. (reviewed by: bob kinder rating: 5 date published: March 16, 2018)
Review # 3: I had a case with Alan Klevan at the office. I had an injury at work. Whenever I had a question, he was quick to answer and he negotiated a great settlement. I feel like he has become my personal lawyer. Thank you! (reviewed by: Matt Lopes rating: 5 date published: March 29, 2018)
Review # 4: Attorney Timothy Pope and Mrs. Lynne Wax made my experience as comfortable as possible. They were easy to deal with, informative, and kind. I couldn’t have asked for a better team to help me navigate this overwhelming process. (reviewed by: Kimberlee Bubello rating: 5 date published: March 19, 2018)
Review # 5: I had a formidable experience with Joel H. Schwartz. I got the answers that I needed in a matters of minutes and I never waited to see Conney Tommey more then a few minutes even though I did not make an appointment. Conney was always there for me and that resulted in me not worrying about what would happen next. (reviewed by: Otniel Radu rating: 5 date published: April 21, 2018)
15 Swartz & Swartz, P.C. 10 Marshall St, Boston, MA 02108, USA +1 617-742-1900 lawyer, point_of_interest, establishment  
16 Sugarman & Sugarman, P.C. 800 Boylston Street, 30th Floor, Boston, MA 02199, United States +1 617-542-1000 lawyer, point_of_interest, establishment 4.8 
Review # 1: Ben Zimmerman and Chris Florentino recently represented my family in a personal injury case. Although I had heard that the Sugarman team had an exceptional reputation, Ben and Chris exceeded our already lofty expectations. Ben, Chris, and all of the members of the Sugarman team working on our case demonstrated rigorous attention to every detail both inside and outside of the courtroom. In our case, I felt that the Sugarman team’s brilliant legal strategy and meticulousness made all the difference in reaching a favorable outcome. I was particularly touched by the respectful demeanor by which Ben and Chris handled all the different stakeholders involved in our case. From helping my family manage the emotional roller coaster that went along with this case, to their interactions with witnesses, opposing legal teams, and the judge, Ben and Chris made our family feel proud to be represented by the Sugarman team. Although our case involved a personal tragedy, I felt that meeting Ben and Chris helped my family achieve a level of closure that was difficult to imagine before our case began. I highly recommend Ben Zimmerman, Chris Fiorentino, and the entire Sugarman team to anyone seeking legal assistance in the personal injury space. (reviewed by: Kyle Power rating: 5 date published: January 15, 2018)
Review # 2: After an accident in which I sustained serious injuries, a family friend referred my wife and I to the law firm of Sugarman and Sugarman. From the initial phone call and initial meeting with Neil Sugarman and the lead attorney, Ben Zimmerman, my wife and I were immediately at ease. Their instructions to us were focused on my health and rehabilitation, not the litigations. Throughout my rehabilitation, Neil, Ben and their professional staff offered support and timely updates on our case. Ben Zimmerman was always available to answer any and all of our questions and concerns along with supporting us during depositions. Ben and his staff prepared a solid case for us by gathering hospital reports, doctor’s letters, and data from the scene of the accident. This comprehensive approach to the accident, my injuries, and their personal attention to my wife and I, made us feel as if we were the only case that mattered to them. When we entered into the negotiation stage of our case, we felt completely confident in Neil Sugarman and Ben Zimmerman’s guidance. Without reservation we would recommend the law firm of Sugarman and Sugarman. (reviewed by: John Switlekowski rating: 5 date published: June 16, 2017)
Review # 3: My husband and I are very pleased with our experience with Sugarman & Sugarman. Stacey Pietrowicz represented the case for our daughter. Stacey was very professional and showed her dedication to our case throughout the entire process. She did an excellent job of explaining the possible scenarios that may arise and what the result would be. We reached a settlement that my family was very pleased with. We highly recommend Sugarman & Sugarman’s services to others. (reviewed by: Melissa Kenny rating: 5 date published: July 21, 2017)
Review # 4: After an unfortunate golf cart accident whereby I suffered serious injuries, a friend recommended Sugarman to me. Neil Sugarman and David McCormack are top notch professionals that truly care about their clients. I was very impressed with their expertise and preparation. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to a family member or friend. (reviewed by: Mary Nolan rating: 5 date published: July 1, 2017)
Review # 5: Ben Zimmermann and Stacey Pietrowicz at Sugarman tried my case in front of a jury in Middlesex County for a week. One of the largest insurers in the world had offered me a settlement, but I didn’t think the offer was fair or right. I am in the construction industry, and I am not the type who ever thought I would sue anyone, but I got badly hurt because someone didn’t do their job and then they lied about it. After a week of trial, Ben and Stacey got a verdict that was well over seven figures and more than 50 times what the insurance company was offering. They tried to appeal, but they basically gave up and paid the verdict. It’s not just about the money. I came to Sugarman on advice of another lawyer. They believed in me and my case. They did the work, they made the investment that was needed, and they were not afraid to try the case. They returned my calls and kept me posted on everything important that was going on. The amount of work that Ben and Stacey and the rest of the firm put into the trial was impressive. At the end of the case, the truth came out and we won. I can’t recommend Sugarman enough to anyone who wants to be represented by real trial lawyers and good people. (reviewed by: David W. rating: 5 date published: June 20, 2017)
17 Jason Stone 55 Franklin Street, 3rd Floor, Boston, MA 02110, United States +1 617-523-4357 lawyer, point_of_interest, establishment 4.7 
Review # 1: After my awful accident I went through, Jason stone was very helpful! I wouldn’t have been able to deal with the stress alone ! I have to say they have very well staff! communication ! And Great customer service !. I’d like to give big thanks to Jack and Sean for helping me get through this stressful accident ! I give them a big thumbs up all the way ! Recommend Jason stone lawyers to anyone out there facing a big injury in need of help! Remember When ur feeling alone! Call Jason stone !.., lawyers ! Thanks for all your help . (reviewed by: Fatima Decosta rating: 5 date published: April 12, 2018)
Review # 2: Eva and mike helped me when I got hit and run. Great customer service and very good communication. Will be back if ever in an accident again. (reviewed by: laura restrepo rating: 5 date published: April 5, 2018)
Review # 3: Jason when I wasn’t feeling comfortable with things I wanted to let you know that Erica Newton has always made me feel comfortable and has always responded to my emails and questions.  There has never been a time when I had doubts with my case that she hasn’t answered any questions or made me feel comfortable, and if she don’t have the answers she was back to me by the next day with the answers I needed.     There was a point when I was even ready to just give up with the whole thing and was feeling really depressed and she spent probably over an hour on the phone with me and at the end of the conversation I was feeling much better about things in the way things were going. Basically I just want to let you know what type of employee that you have and what she has done for me to make me feel good and comfortable about the way things that have been going, and I don’t think it should go unrecognized. You Have an excellent employee that goes above and beyond for your clients…. (reviewed by: richard ciulla rating: 5 date published: November 9, 2017)
Review # 4: My arbitration result was horrendous due to Jason’s lack of time and focus, until the last week or so, and morning of the arbitration! I was told that I would get three times the amount that I was awarded. I had two medical letters from nationally renowned doctors stating concisely the clear and obvious causality of my injury from the accident. Jason did not present that FACT as the key point in the case. The AMICA insurance company employees (attorney and arbitrator) believed that both doctors made up my diagnosis to please me(?). So these lawyers redefined my diagnosis from their assessment of arbitrary comments along the path to my seeking help and comfort through my physical ordeal. Of course their wishes favored Amica (ignoring the clear causality of my injury with the accident). I’m left with a lifetime injury and disability. Oh, and he added $2K onto the costs above their 30%. I can’t imagine why he wouldn’t have informed me of this from the beginning, or over the three years that this thing dragged out (hasn’t he done this before?). (reviewed by: susan cohen rating: 1 date published: March 18, 2018)
Review # 5: With Jason stone, you are never alone. His law firm was amazing to me. They always stayed in touch and always kept me updated. They always help you by helping you choose what’s best for you. They got me a settlement I was happy with. Big shout out to Mr. Stone, Mr.Eagan and Mr. Sheridan. You guys are AMAZING and will always keep you in mind. I recommend them to anyone reading this. (reviewed by: Christian Gabin rating: 5 date published: October 5, 2017)
18 Combies Hanson, P.C. – Your Personal Injury Lawyers 12 Ericsson St, Boston, MA 02122, USA +1 617-556-9964 lawyer, point_of_interest, establishment
Review # 1: Honest, responsive, professional. The type of firm you need in your corner. (reviewed by: Michelle Hamilton rating: 5 date published: October 17, 2017)
19 Lubin & Meyer PC 100 City Hall Plaza, Boston, MA 02108, USA +1 617-720-4447 lawyer, point_of_interest, establishment 4.2 
Review # 1: Our judicial system is complicated, and the ways in which the law intersects with our individual and collective lives is variable. I never imagined being involved in a malpractice case, nevermind wedded to years of what felt like holding up my mother’s honor. Even with the uncertainty and the long stretches of no news, I felt protected and respected as a client by Lubin and Meyer. Working with Robert Higgins changed my life. Even before our win I knew I had the best team, committed to quality while remembering compassion. Grief is unpredictable, but being able to rely on the consistency and class of Rob while we waited for trial helped me continue to find courage. The heartbreak and the impact of my mother’s death cannot be soothed by notions of justice. Yet my fears about committing to a search for justice, my lack of knowledge of our legal system, my feelings of being alone, were all handled with professionalism and genuine empathy. It’s still hard thinking about it all, but I always smile when I think of Rob and sing his praises with no hesitation. We all have a story. As I was unraveling mine in front of strangers, I meanwhile observed what it took to be the team leading my case; and I liked what I saw. Rob, Barry, Kelly and all those involved not only worked to make my process run as smoothly as possible, but they worked to ensure it was the kind of major success that would allow me to recommit to a mission-driven life, even after feeling as if I lost my purpose. (reviewed by: Johnette Ellis rating: 5 date published: July 26, 2017)
Review # 2: Miniture directory is located by the door;). After I found it my family has experience expert service from everyone we interacted with. (reviewed by: michelle demoss rating: 5 date published: September 6, 2017)
Review # 3: I’ve been involved with the folks at Lubin & Meyer for several years and continue to be impressed and inspired by their first class approach to all aspects of the work they do. I’ve witnessed first hand how they tackle every detail with passion and bring a powerful and highly professional team together. From the moment you are welcomed into their offices, you feel you’ve entered a special place. For anyone who thinks they might have experienced some form of medical malpractice, you can do no better than to at least talk with and have them evaluate your case. (reviewed by: Amy Campbell rating: 5 date published: October 11, 2012)
Review # 4: This law firm of Lubin and Meyer has provided tremendous support for me and my family during our trying times. Ben Novotony did an outstanding job in this high profile case, exposing the atrocities to the court and the world, knowing that justice would be served. Lubin and Meyer is a law firm full of compassionate, experienced lawyers that are competent, diligent, thorough, and they get the job done! For these reasons, I would recommend this law firm to anyone that is looking for professional, reputable representation. (reviewed by: Cheryl Mc Collins rating: 5 date published: July 25, 2012)
Review # 5: The preparation process of materials to be reviewed by medical doctor was extremely lengthy and opaque. The contact was not responsive. They wasted us a year there. (reviewed by: Yf Shen rating: 1 date published: October 20, 2016)
20 Attorney Injury Group One International Place Suite 1850, Boston, MA 02110, USA +1 617-934-7000 lawyer, point_of_interest, establishment  
# Business Name Address Phone Website Categories Rating
21 Mark Ruby, Attorney 2 Center Plz #620, Boston, MA 02108, USA +1 617-306-9992 lawyer, point_of_interest, establishment  
# Business Name Address Phone Website Categories Rating
22 Parker Scheer LLP 1 Constitution Rd, Charlestown, MA 02129, USA +1 617-886-0500 lawyer, point_of_interest, establishment 4.8
Review # 1: Eric Parker saw the potential in my case and explored it in detail with patience and professionalism. He and his team achieved the outcome I was hoping for, and I can recommend Parker Scheer with absoute confidence. (reviewed by: Andrea Koller rating: 5 date published: March 21, 2018)
Review # 2: Time waisted. Not recommending. (reviewed by: Sunny Singh rating: 1 date published: April 20, 2018)
Review # 3: I have worked with Christa several times in many situations. She is articulate, educated and resourceful! She is compassionate and can look beyond the lawbooks to the people she represents. It’s always a pleasure meeting with and I ean something ew everytime. Thanks for taking the time to make sure I understand all the fine print! (reviewed by: Tina Bee rating: 5 date published: October 1, 2016)
Review # 4: Great people to work with. (reviewed by: Michael Asaro rating: 5 date published: July 27, 2017)
Review # 5: They are the best, and you get your money fast and couldnt imaging They care about their clients also. (reviewed by: Luiz Depina rating: 5 date published: March 28, 2016)
# Business Name Address Phone Website Categories Rating
23 Harrington & Harrington P.C. 18 Tremont St # 705, Boston, MA 02108, USA +1 617-227-1795   lawyer, point_of_interest, establishment 2
Review # 1: Don’t attempt to hire these folks to represent you for a car accident claim. Atty. Sue Harrington had my case for over 20months during that time she pretty much sat on my case and never return calls or inform me of important dates I had to keep. I received a letter from my car insurance company requesting a EUO (Examination Under Oath)I text her and informed her about the EUO. She told me I should have never received an EUO told me she would take care of it. That was in October 2017. The EUO was to be completed by Jan 28, 2018. Of course I knew nothing about this scheduled EUO. Still trying to get in touch with Atty Harrington I became frustrated. I then decided to get a copy of my file and seek another lawyer it’s not till I spoke to another Atty that informed me that my medical bills will not get paid due to the fact I failed to comply with the EUO. Not cool at all. Definitely grounds to report her to the Massachusetts Bar Association! (reviewed by: Marleny Ramos rating: 1 date published: March 26, 2018)
Review # 2: Great attorney, great advice! (reviewed by: Mattias Kasparian rating: 5 date published: January 19, 2018)
Review # 3: Slow, rude, never call back, (reviewed by: Melcom Butler rating: 1 date published: September 20, 2017)
Review # 4: (reviewed by: Rosemary Ramos rating: 1 date published: March 27, 2018)
# Business Name Address Phone Website Categories Rating
24 Law Offices of Michael O. Smith 15 Broad St #800, Boston, MA 02109, USA +1 617-263-0060 lawyer, point_of_interest, establishment 4.4
Review # 1: I was surprised to see the reviews. There wasn’t any reviews when I was represented. My experience was not favorable. He didn’t speak on my behalf in hearing. The injury I was fighting workmans comp for, wasn’t even a decision for “injury”. The opposing side, was given the ball, with no interference! To top it off, I have to fight appeal myself. A Job unfinished by him, as I have been counseled by numerous attorney’s, that he was suppose to finish. All I received, in aide of my appeal from him was ” there is no bias, on the behalf of administrative judge, over and over. I guess not. She wasn’t given the case at hand!. Do your research. I thought because he worked out of Congress Street, I was in better hands. All I seen, was bias, from NO REPRESENTATION, WRONG INJURY, TO DEFENDING ADMINISTRATIVE JUDGE’S NON-BIAS, TO WASTING TIME TO LOOSE MY PENSION, AS WELL AS CASE. Gave MBTA, adopted their medical examiner’s opinion, over 7 other, qualified specialist’s, and went along with the STATE paying for my surgery, instead of the MBTA. He gave WORKMAN’S COMP the lighted 🔦, to run the show, that never even mentioned my injury once. It bother’s me even further to think that he thought I was so distraught, I wouldn’t see the unfold of events. I am injured, stressed, in financial strain, but definitely not blind or dumb. I wonder how some people sleep at night. Doctors compare 2 of everything, that has a pair. The opposing team didn’t even have to put up a fight. They just didn’t mention injury, but wanted to question my seeking counseling over the whole 7 year battle, and left uninjured leg, that I use just as much in occupation. By the way, I drove for the “T”. He is on band wagon also saying my situation is resolved, when I havn’t had surgery, still, and thats the only remedy!!#REALLY. (reviewed by: LISA MARSHALL rating: 1 date published: March 20, 2018)
Review # 2: I used the Law Offices of Michael O. Smith for a small personal injury case having been recommended to me by a family attorney. After the first phone call with them I knew I had contacted the right place. Their knowledgeable and professional staff put my mind at ease and guided me through a very difficult process. What I thought was going to be a long challenging situation was made so much easier through the caring and attentive lawyers at Michael O. Smith’s office. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for assistance answering questions or looking for help in pursuing a personal injury. It doesn’t have to be overwhelming and you don’t have to suffer. Give them a call. You won’t be sorry! (reviewed by: Tammy F rating: 5 date published: December 9, 2014)
Review # 3: Attorney Michael Smith is handling my Worker’s Comp case. Michael is very easy to talk to and spoke with me personally. He is making the process really easy. Michael is getting my medical bills paid and helping me pay my bills. This sort of thing would normally cause me a lot of stress, because I have never made a claim before, but Michael and his team make it very simple. (reviewed by: Steve Faneuf rating: 5 date published: October 3, 2014)
Review # 4: Today I received my settlement check from Mike Smith for my case and it went very well. I am pleased with their work and experience. I highly recommend their office for anyone that has any legal issues. (reviewed by: Rithy Chhuong rating: 5 date published: July 3, 2014)
Review # 5: These guys were a big help. I was involved in a hit and run accident. I was told by Mike Smith that I could make a claim under my own auto insurance policy. Mike Smith and his team got me the maximum amount of money I could possibly get under the law. I am also going through their office for a disability claim because of the severity of my injuries. I have already recommended some of my family members to this office. (reviewed by: Carlos Ortiz rating: 5 date published: October 31, 2014)
# Business Name Address Phone Website Categories Rating
25 Bellotti Law Group, P.C. 529 Main St #128, Boston, MA 02129, USA +1 617-778-1000 lawyer, point_of_interest, establishment 5
Review # 1: My Dad had a serious car accident case with them. Attorney Karen Nadeau was excellent, she always kept us informed about everything, the staff was very good too, especially Don. Thank you Bellotti Law, my family will always be gratefully. (reviewed by: Maggie Flaherty rating: 5 date published: April 16, 2017)
Review # 2: Great experpience. Karen Nadeau provided excellent representation. She’s extemely responsive and smart and relentless and knows the law inside and out. Karen and her staff made sure my medical bills were paid, they negotiated to get my hospital charges drastically reduced by almost two thirds and the savings went directly to me and my family. Karen’s a legal wizard. I can’t thank her and the Bellotti Law firm enough. Rita B., Teacher (reviewed by: Rita Barry rating: 5 date published: October 2, 2016)
Review # 3: (reviewed by: Allison Davis rating: 5 date published: November 6, 2017)
Review # 4: (reviewed by: Andrew C rating: 5 date published: October 10, 2017)
# Business Name Address Phone Website Categories Rating
26 Kreindler & Kreindler LLP 855 Boylston St #1101, Boston, MA 02116, USA +1 617-424-9100 lawyer, point_of_interest, establishment  
# Business Name Address Phone Website Categories Rating
27 Miller, Keith L – Keith L Miller Law Office 58 Winter St # 4, Boston, MA 02108, USA +1 617-523-5803 lawyer, point_of_interest, establishment 5
Review # 1: Dealing with Kieth has been a long road, I highly recommend him he is a very good Attorney and I respect him. Good man!!!!! (reviewed by: James Burke rating: 5 date published: July 11, 2017)
# Business Name Address Phone Website Categories Rating
28 Law Offices of Mark E. Salomone 2 Oliver St #608, Boston, MA 02109, USA +1 857-444-6468 lawyer, point_of_interest, establishment 5
Review # 1: If you’re looking for a legal office I would definitely recommend the Law Offices Mark E. Salomone. I’ve been working with Lily since my auto accident this past October. She is extremely efficient and has been helpful. I have never worried about my medical bills or forms I didn’t understand. She always had answers for my questions and if she didn’t she would search for the answer. Lily has always been available to me and never left me hanging. The staff I’ve dealt with are always friendly and make you feel welcomed. (reviewed by: Daniel Rodriguez rating: 5 date published: January 24, 2018)
Review # 2: This firm has been great! The staff is very professional and caring. They answer all questions I may have, they handle everything but keep me well informed on where I stand. They have been very persistent on checking up on my treatment, taking care of medical bills and guiding me throughout the whole process. This is my first time dealing with a lawyer and I’m just so grateful that they have made this such a great experience. They are definitely the go to firm. Thank you all for being so great and doing what is best for your clients! (reviewed by: Morey Babii rating: 5 date published: October 19, 2017)
Review # 3: Thank you guys for keeping me so Informed throughout the whole process. My family greatly appreciated Mark E. Salomone services! And thank you so much Lily for always reaching out to check on me 🙂 Thanks again. -Janelle (reviewed by: Janelle Kittrell rating: 5 date published: February 7, 2018)
Review # 4: Great staff and communication back and forth when going through my case. Their concern was to always explain any situation to me and to answer all my questions. (reviewed by: Josselyn Hernandez rating: 4 date published: April 20, 2018)
Review # 5: Its been a pleasure having you all as a team. Its my second time with you guys and i will not change this law office for another. I truly recommends this office to friends and family. Keep up the good work. Excelent team (reviewed by: Jessica Morales rating: 5 date published: February 8, 2018)
# Business Name Address Phone Website Categories Rating
29 Boston Personal Injury Lawyer 64 Waverley Ave, Newton, MA 02458, USA +1 617-682-7744 lawyer, point_of_interest, establishment 5
Review # 1: Thank you for helping me, I really appreciate all that you and your law firm have done for me. I was in a pretty bad car accident and was able to recover a huge settlement. Could not be happier with Andrea and the firm. (reviewed by: Steven E rating: 5 date published: June 19, 2017)
Review # 2: I was in a car accident and reached out to Andrea. She helped identify the perfect lawyer to represent me and I ended up winning a very large settlement. I could not be more pleased with her firm! (reviewed by: Karisa Gagnon rating: 5 date published: November 7, 2016)
# Business Name Address Phone Website Categories Rating
30 Leonardo J Caruso Law Offices Boston MA 221 Lewis Wharf, Boston, MA 02110, USA +1 617-523-5123 lawyer, point_of_interest, establishment  
# Business Name Address Phone Website Categories Rating
31 Thomas J. DiBiase 1 Washington St # 16, Boston, MA 02108, USA +1 617-742-1170 lawyer, point_of_interest, establishment  
# Business Name Address Phone Website Categories Rating
32 Altman & Altman LLP 10 Post Office Square, Boston, MA 02109, USA +1 617-547-1205 lawyer, point_of_interest, establishment 5
Review # 1: Altman and Altman an honest, professional and reliable law firm. I have always for the past 15 years used this lawfirm to address any of my vehicle accident cases and every time, they have came out on top. I love the form of communication and their eagerness to build relationships with thier clients. Altman and Altman works hard to make sure their clients are satisfied. Altman and Altman will forever be my lawfirm of choice. Thank to David Altman for everything. You all are the best!!! (reviewed by: Tiara Murphy rating: 5 date published: March 28, 2018)
Review # 2: I’ve been working with Dave Altman for over 17 years! We are like family, I wouldn’t trust anyone else when it comes to needing prompt, professional and respectful lawyer. No games, no fuss just results. Thank You Dave and the whole team for always being reliable, honest and so hard working! You guys are awesome! (reviewed by: Diana Raymond rating: 5 date published: January 2, 2018)
Review # 3: I have used Bart Simonian of Altman and Altman for many years loyally as I have never met a more dedicated individual business-wise in my life. Bart goes beyond the common standards of hospitality; he makes sure that you get the best out of your case while generally caring about your well-being. If you want a seasoned attorney to represent your best interests at a decent price, this is the man to go to. The office itself is very professional and welcoming. From the moment you walk in the door, you are greeted and needs are met quickly. The office is across from the Central Station on the red line, and the public city parking is one block over. There is always a secretary to answer the phone if any particular attorney happens to be busy. (reviewed by: Derrick Sims rating: 5 date published: July 18, 2017)
Review # 4: I was impressed by the quickness and rapidity at which Ian Keefe (attorney) and Altman and Altman was able to respond to our urgent request for representation. They jumped on the issue, provided a clear plan of action, and then began following through on that plan in a matter of hours, clearly communicating what we could expect. Ian demonstrated significant depth for the issue and showed experience in the matter, leading to the best outcome. (reviewed by: ss sss rating: 5 date published: June 13, 2017)
Review # 5: Attorney Ian Keefe is quite simply the best lawyer available in the Boston area for driver’s license issues, traffic court, and clerk magistrate hearings. Ian was able to get my case dismissed in one appearance in just minutes. Just as important, he instilled confidence and peace of mind leading up to hearing. I interviewed over 20 lawyers for my case it was clear that no one was better qualified or could take better care of me than Ian. I give Ian my highest recommendation. (reviewed by: Collin Fishman rating: 5 date published: March 10, 2017)
# Business Name Address Phone Website Categories Rating
33 Dolan Connly, P.C. 50 Redfield St #202, Boston, MA 02122, USA +1 617-265-3100 lawyer, point_of_interest, establishment 5
Review # 1: I was involved in a motorcycle accident in which I was hit at a high speed from the rear, when I was at a direct stop. After I recovered, I was advised to get a lawyer. I started working with a lawyer in the Worcester area, in which he advised me that my case was only worth about $25K at best. I had a feeling that this lawyer was undervaluing my case and not truly understanding the hardships I was enduring, and decided to start researching other lawyers. That’s when I found Dolan Connly Law Offices. I worked with Barry, and truly felt that I made the best decision switching law firms. They were extremely attentive and knowledgeable, yet truthful and honest with my circumstances. Without dragging my case out for years, they were able to settle with the insurance company for over $75,000 on my behalf. They will always be my lawyers moving forward, and I feel confident recommending them to family and friends. (reviewed by: Nicole Murphy rating: 5 date published: November 8, 2017)
Review # 2: We had the pleasure of working with Attorney Greg Connly and Barry McIsaac on a complicated automobile claim. From the first phone call to the final settlement, I could tell we were dealing with real professionals. The communication was outstanding. They always explained and prepared us for every step of the process. Many times I emailed a question to Greg and had an answer back in minutes. We highly recommend Dolan Connly, P.C. We are happy to support a Veteran Owned Business. Thank you (reviewed by: Paul Hennessey rating: 5 date published: March 22, 2018)
Review # 3: Looking for a good lawyer office to solve your case ,don’t think twice call them. I work with Mr Barry Mcisaac and he fully delivered. (reviewed by: WESERVEBEST by maya-chantal rating: 5 date published: January 23, 2018)
Review # 4: I highly recommend this law firm. I’ve worked with Barry McIsaac on multiple occasions; he is a great lawyer. He was able to get my insurance to pay me the policy limit on a case my insurance company first denied. I can’t image ever working with any other law firm. (reviewed by: Reyon Powell rating: 5 date published: October 11, 2017)
Review # 5: Excellent service ! Barry McIsaac was prompt and effective in dealing my claim case. We need more attorneys like him to help hold big companies accountable. I’d recommend Barry and the Dolan Connly firm to anyone. (reviewed by: X Y rating: 5 date published: November 10, 2017)
# Business Name Address Phone Website Categories Rating
34 The Law Office Of Alan H. Crede 8 N Market St #300, Boston, MA 02109, USA +1 617-973-6434 lawyer, point_of_interest, establishment 5
Review # 1: Excellent lawyer. Alan put his effort solely for the benefit of the client. (reviewed by: R Naji rating: 5 date published: February 7, 2018)
Review # 2: I was represented by Mr. Crede recently and his advise and professionalism speaks for it self, he has shown empathy with my situation and has giving me the appropriate advise during litigation. I’m very thankful with his representation. I will definitely recommend him to anyone. (reviewed by: Giuliana P. rating: 5 date published: July 14, 2017)
Review # 3: I strongly endorse Mr. Crede. He’s not only an accomplished attorney with a deep understanding of employment law; he’s also a kind human being with a profound compassion for those dealing with challenging situations in the workplace. His receptiveness to client input; his ability to discern precisely what’s at stake; and his meticulous attention to detail allow him to create robust yet flexible strategies that align with each client’s objectives and maximize his or her legal position. And with his dedication to achieve good outcomes for his clients, Mr. Crede is truly a pleasure to work with when you need it most. (reviewed by: Kevin Hogan rating: 5 date published: January 4, 2017)
Review # 4: I happened to find Alan Crede through a google search nearly seven years ago. Mr. Crede took my case when no one else would. His level of determination and focus is unmatched. He truly made me feel like my case was his main priority. I would definitely recommend his services to anyone looking for a reliable Attorney. (reviewed by: Albertine Decossa rating: 5 date published: July 8, 2016)
Review # 5: I retained Alan Crede for his services and I am more than happy with that decision. He was extremely patient and excellent at communicating the next steps and setting a clear expectation of what to expect in my case. He genuinely cares about his clients and I couldn’t have asked for better representation. (reviewed by: Jose Mateo rating: 5 date published: April 18, 2016)
# Business Name Address Phone Website Categories Rating
35 The Law Office of Burns & Jain 6 Beacon St #710, Boston, MA 02108, USA +1 617-227-7423 lawyer, point_of_interest, establishment 4.9
Review # 2: I have known and respected Attorney Neil Burns for more than 25 years. He is not only a superb lawyer, but as nice and decent a man as you will meet. I regularly refer him cases which are outside of my field of expertise. In every instance, the clients have been thrilled with his high level of professionalism and courtesy. I give Neil the highest possible recommendation. (reviewed by: marc breakstone rating: 5 date published: November 21, 2017)
Review # 3: Neil and his staff are wonderful. Neil was my attorney after a very bad car accident and I needed and received two years of therapy and back surgery. Neil fought hard for my family and I. Neil enabled me to get the medical attention I needed and costs of that care as well as a settlement that helped me for a time til I got back on my feet. Neil is a kind and compassionate attorney and goes above and beyond for his clients. I would give him and his staff 10 stars if that were an option. If you need an attorney that truly cares and fights for his clients look no further. Neil Burns is that attorney… (reviewed by: Lisa Green rating: 5 date published: November 30, 2017)
Review # 4: It has been my misfortune to have had two occasions to need the kind of services which this firm offers, but it has been my good fortune to have engaged Neil Burns. He did his homework impeccably and communicated effectively with everyome involved, and the settlements were good. (reviewed by: Mark Lindley rating: 5 date published: November 29, 2017)
Review # 5: I’ve known Neil for over 6 years now. He’s consistent, reliable, and a generally great person. (reviewed by: Barbara Lee rating: 5 date published: December 2, 2017)
# Business Name Address Phone Website Categories Rating
36 Law Office of Kenneth I. Kolpan, P.C. 175 Federal St #1425, Boston, MA 02110, USA +1 617-426-2558 lawyer, point_of_interest, establishment  
# Business Name Address Phone Website Categories Rating
37 Halstrom Law Offices, P.C. 132 Boylston Street, 5th Floor, Boston, MA 02116, United States +1 617-262-1060 lawyer, point_of_interest, establishment 5
Review # 1: “ My husband’s PCP failed to diagnose my husband’s lung cancer. When it was finally discovered, the cancer was advanced and considered stage IV and terminal. We found Attorney Halstrom through a mutual acquaintance. From the moment his office accepted our case, Attorney Halstrom and his staff worked diligently on mine and my husband’s case. He was compassionate throughout the entire process. Attorney Halstrom’s diligence and willingness to help us had our case completed within the 18 months after we first met with him, and settled at mediation 2 weeks prior to the scheduled trial, allowing my husband the peace of mind that we (me and our children) would be taken care of. Attorney Halstrom and all his staff were true professionals and we knew we were in the hands of experts! — wife of man whose physician failed to diagnose lung cancer.” (reviewed by: Noreen D rating: 5 date published: October 1, 2016)
Review # 2: My son Jacob was born 4.5 weeks early. Though he had serious signs of distress a c-section was delayed for 16 hours until his heart stopped. When Jacob was revived, his prognosis was severe brain damage. His lifetime care expenses would be astronomical. Fred took our case while Jacob was still in the NICU. From the first day the staff of Halstrom Law Offices and Fred Halstrom has been compassionate, confidential, and respectful. Mr. Halstrom has been completely precise, professional, and he litigated our case expertly and with ferociousness. I was glad he was on our side. Halstrom Law Offices handled every detail from evidence collection to trial. My husband and I were protected from the sometimes downright dirty tactics of the doctor’s insurance lawyers. This freed us to concentrate on Jacob’s care. In the end, the doctors and nurses settled the case for $6 million, but Mr. Halstrom’s assistance did not end there. Jacob’s long-term care including his finances continued to be handled by Halstrom Law Offices. Every Mother’s Day I have received flowers from Fred’s office, and every Christmas we receive a live poinsetta. Mr. Halstrom continues to show his compassion through these small acknowledgments. Mr. Halstrom and his staff have been and continue to be a blessing to my family. (reviewed by: triedandtrue142 rating: 5 date published: October 3, 2016)
Review # 3: Extremely professional law firm! (reviewed by: Bri McAnulty rating: 5 date published: June 28, 2016)
# Business Name Address Phone Website Categories Rating
38 Crowe & Mulvey, LLP 77 Franklin St 3rd floor, Boston, MA 02110, USA +1 617-426-4488 lawyer, point_of_interest, establishment 3
Review # 1: (reviewed by: Bradley Boynton rating: 3 date published: November 26, 2017)
Review # 2: (reviewed by: Vanessa Gomez rating: 5 date published: January 25, 2017)
Review # 3: (reviewed by: George Sherring rating: 1 date published: August 19, 2016)
# Business Name Address Phone Website Categories Rating
39 Colucci, Colucci, Marcus & Flavin, P.C. 31 Milk St, Boston, MA 02109, USA +1 617-698-6000 lawyer, point_of_interest, establishment 5
Review # 1: Great law firm for all of your needs. The attorneys were very respectful and always accessible whenever I had a question. I would definitely recommend this firm! (reviewed by: P. Sawyerrating: 5 date published: January 12, 2016)
Review # 2: Colucci, Colucci, Marcus & Flavin, PC have been my attorneys for a few years. Not only are they extremely knowledgeable, but they are also very professional and courteous. The partners, associates and support staff are always available by telephone or email, which is great. I highly recommend this law firm. (reviewed by: Shawn Cayer rating: 5 date published: January 12, 2016)
Review # 3: I was involved in an automobile accident that involved a lawsuit against the other driver. Dino Colucci’s representation resulted in an out-of-court settlement that equaled the maximum amount attainable with a successful jury trial. (reviewed by: Joe Gatto rating: 5 date published: February 23, 2016)
Review # 4: One word describes them AWESOME!! (reviewed by: Michael P. Bartalini rating: 5 date published: January 27, 2017)
# Business Name Address Phone Website Categories Rating
40 Swartz & Lynch, LLP 45 School St, Boston, MA 02108, USA +1 617-367-2882 lawyer, point_of_interest, establishment 5
Review # 1: My elderly uncle was struck by a car and injured. Attorney Tim Lynch obtained a policy limits recovery of $100,000 from the driver’s insurance company without filing suit AND negotiated away most of the medical liens on the recovery. It was a fantastic result. The money will make a significant difference in paying for my uncle’s care. (reviewed by: Jim H. rating: 5 date published: March 22, 2017)
Review # 2: During an extremely difficult time in my life Swartz & Lynch were able to quickly take the reigns of my case and get to a settlement that was both quicker than I anticipated and happily larger than I had expected. Throughout the process they were professional, knowledgable, and friendly, answering any questions I had (from the seemingly inane to the seemingly troublesome) in a manner that left me confident I was in good hands. I was very pleased with their process and the outcome of my particular case and would highly recommend them. (reviewed by: Joseph Chehaderating: 5 date published: May 25, 2016)
Review # 3: Tim took my case after my last attorney did nothing for over a year. Tim was very aggressive in resolving my claim and kept me informed at all times. Completely different from my prior attorney. Tim is also a nice caring guy who takes the time to listen to my problems. Do yourself a favor and hire this firm first (reviewed by: John Carter rating: 5 date published: June 22, 2016)
Review # 4: Swartz & Lynch helped us with an unscrupulous merchant. They’d quoted a set dollar amount to do boat repairs and when it came time to pickup the boat, the bill was almost twice as they’d quoted! The repair shop in Marblehead, MA claimed it was a “difficult job” (they all are!) Atty Lynch came to our rescue and after some calls and a demand letter, and a meeting was able to reduce the bill to a much more palatable amount. I highly recommend Swartz & Lynch. (reviewed by: Walter Hope rating: 5 date published: June 21, 2016)
Review # 5: Swartz & Lynch exemplified compassion and commitment when representing me after being hit by a motor vehicle. Their staff was welcoming and owners communicated well throughout the process. I made the right choice by calling them. (reviewed by: Jeff Doretti rating: 5 date published: June 23, 2016)
# Business Name Address Phone Website Categories Rating
41 Steven H. Schafer & Associates Counsellors At Law 141 Tremont St, Boston, MA 02111, USA +1 617-423-2447 lawyer, point_of_interest, establishment  
# Business Name Address Phone Website Categories Rating
42 Sweet Law LLC One Constitution Center, Boston, MA 02129, United States +1 617-242-9100 lawyer, point_of_interest, establishment 1
Review # 1: I hired Jonathan D Sweet to represent me in 2 Personal Injury cases. While Inwas interviewing potential attorneys in Rhode Island Jonathan Sweet showed up on my google search. I spoke to Mr. Sweet and it seemed to me that he was a honest lawyer from Boston Massachusetts. Jonathan hounded me for several weeks regarding my cases. I finally agreed to meet with him face to face, ( he offered to come to Rhode Island and discuss with my wife and I) Mr. Sweet informed us that he would start with the bigger case and when that concludes he would represent us in the smaller case. He also informed us that the bigger case would be in $300 thousand dollar range. After we decided to engage Mr. Jon Sweet we just waited. He told us everything was fine and it was going in the correct direction. About 1 year into the case Jon D Sweet informed me that I was going to be deposed first and then the other party and that the defendant might be at the deposition. Which I had no issue with . The defendant did not show up to he deposition it was us and his 2 attorneys. The day came to depose the defendant and I was told Not to attend? I was not happy but I decided not to attend on the advise of my counsel. Approximately 6 months after the deposition Mr. Sweet called stating I needed to find a structural engineer if I wanted to win the case. So obviously I was in shock isn’t that what the attorney should do? So I had to find a structural engineer who would go to the site and write up any violations in building codes. Then when the engineer wanted to get paid for his work about $2000 Attorney Sweet asked me to pay it?? In our original agreement that we signed all expenses were to be paid by the attorney and he would be reimbursed if and when we settled. We finally get our day in superior court Attorney Jonathan Sweet calls me the day before and states that I don’t have to come because it’s a routing hearing. Again I decided to take Jons advise and not attend the superior court hearing. GUESS WHAT HAPPENED NEXT….. I get a call from Attorney sweet after the hearing stating the judge threw out the case!!!!! So here I am with over $100 thousand in medical bills and Attorney Sweet LOST THE CASE!!! Word of advise if you are planning to hire attorney sweet . DONT!!!! Here is my tel # if you want to know more about personal injury attorney Jonathan sweet. 617-201- four zero zero four. (reviewed by: Al B rating: 1 date published: November 18, 2016)
# Business Name Address Phone Website Categories Rating
43 Reilly Law & Associates 100 State St suite 900, Boston, MA 02109, USA +1 617-338-2144 lawyer, point_of_interest, establishment  
# Business Name Address Phone Website Categories Rating
44 Harriman Law 92 State Street, 9th Floor, Boston, MA 02109, United States +1 617-482-1723 lawyer, point_of_interest, establishment 5
Review # 1: I was recommended to Michael after getting injured and traumatized from a car accident in 2016. Michael guided me with confidence and clarity through every step. I felt thoroughly informed, and was continuously amazed by his attention to detail, kindness, and passion for his work. His legal writing skills are incredible and his overall energy was a joy to be in the presence of. I strongly recommend Michael and his firm! (reviewed by: Jessica Alvarez rating: 5 date published: January 25, 2018)
Review # 2: Michael Harriman, the personal injury lawyer in Boston, was great to work with. He responded in a timely manner, was extremely professional, thorough, and trustworthy. Highly recommend. (reviewed by: Jessica Lavoie rating: 5 date published: February 16, 2018)
Review # 3: In 2016 I was involved in a significant car accident that left me with a concusion, jobless and carless. Since I didn’t know any lawyers for car injuries, I decided to Google some possibilities. I got a hold of a lawyer that caught my attention but he was unable to help me as he was pretty booked with clients. However he recommended Michael Harriman. I then called him and we met up to talk about my case. I have to say, Michael was prompt at getting back to me, meeting with me and working on my case right away. What I loved about Michael is that he really listened to my case, he paid attention and he was aware of my concerns. I love that he makes a point to come to you, so you don’t have to deal with traffic and Boston Parking. He makes sure you are as comfortable as you can, specially knowing you are injured. He wants you to be well and take care of yourself so much that he 100 percent takes over and deals with the Car inusrance people, wihout having to ever bother you about it or you having to be botherr with the headaches of dealing with Insurance politics. Michael knows politics of Car Insurance and what it takes to fight them when you are injured. He knows what it takes and fights for you to get what you deserve. He checks in with you to let you know the progress of your case and gives you every detail needed. I never felt lost with him. He made sure I understood every piece of my case and lingo. I love his sincerity and polite ways. He tells your right away what he will accomplish for you and how long he wants to spend in doing all it takes to get your case going and get you pay for your injury and losses. He is the Best of Boston. He really cares for how you feel and your well being, not just what he can get you. Of course he fights hard with the insurance officials to get you all you are entitled. He is always a phone call away, and readily accessible when you need him. His staff is so polite and pleasant always. I know for a fact he will be my lawyer from here on, in anything or any consulation I may have. I would not hesitate to recommend him to my friends and family. In fact I have already told them if they ever need a lawyer for Car Injury, Sexual Harrasement, etc. I know an excellent lawyer. My experience with him was exceptional, beyond what I expected. He truly is a trust worthy lawyer and individual, working to get you the best deal that you deserve. Thank you Michael for all you have done for me, for being so prompt and always being there to address my concerns when I needed it the most. (reviewed by: Eli Escobarrating: 5 date published: March 8, 2018)
Review # 4: I was injured in a car accident September of 2016 and I am very thankful I hired Michael and his team at Harriman Law Boston. He was such a pleasure to work with. His attention to detail, follow up, execution, and even communication of legal terminology was incredibly helpful. The result of my case exceeded my expectations and I would recommend Harriman Law Boston to anyone in a similar situation. (reviewed by: Kelsey Shamano rating: 5 date published: August 5, 2017)
Review # 5: I was in a motor vehicle accident Summer of 2016 and not being from New England, trying to find an attorney to represent me would be rather challenging. I reached out to a colleague / friend of mine and he recommend Michael Harriman. I sent an email to him and within a half an hour, there was a connection. Michael understood my relentless frustrations, I sent over the photos of my car accident and that same day – it was a new found relationship that I knew that I didn’t have to worry about. Michael is approachable and the entire process so easy that I knew everything would work out in the long run. His only requirement is transparency because he is advocating for his clients. I kept Michael abreast of every single appointment to every scan that way he just had to collect the data to document. My case was closed out before my 1 year anniversary of my accident and I wouldn’t have done it any other way. Michael Harriman is a true testament to the law and his clients. Great attorney and I would refer him to my family and friends. (reviewed by: Pascale D rating: 5 date published: June 6, 2017)
# Business Name Address Phone Website Categories Rating
45 Boston Personal Injury Lawyer Peter Bellotti 25 Thorndike St, Cambridge, MA 02141, USA +1 617-225-2100 lawyer, point_of_interest, establishment 1
Review # 1: If anybody is looking at jail time i would highly recommend not using Peter. Peter is a former DA, so if you are a criminal with a past Peter will manipulate and take you on a ride. He will claim he is out for your best interest but is certainly NOT! If your a victim in your own city of being harassed and being known by the police peter has no problem working out a deal with DA, a deal thats not in your best interest! I know the law very well and since i did peter used it against me , everytime i called him asking about my case he would get very angry and never listen to what i have to say. Peter could have easily beaten my case but sold me out to the DA from the very start , i trusted him so much i couldn’t see it until the end of my case. If you are a criminal or looking at any kind of jail time i would highly recommend not using peter. Dont make the same mistake i did. (reviewed by: Steven James rating: 1 date published: December 21, 2017)
# Business Name Address Phone Website Categories Rating
46 Mitcheson & Lee LLP 1 State Street, 15th Floor, Boston, MA 02109, United States +1 617-934-3207 lawyer, point_of_interest, establishment 5
Review # 1: I loved working with Luke. I was well informed, the communication was clear, and I could always reach my attorney within the same day regurlaly. My confidence didn’t wave through the process, even though many injury cases come with a lot of twists and turns. Luke seems very knowledgele not only in his cases but in keeping clients comfortable and involved. Successful in my case, within a very reasonable time. I Would highly recommend working with Luke, as well as I myself would use his services again if need be. Thanks for your time, Best Regards AV (reviewed by: Carmen valeriano rating: 5 date published: January 28, 2018)
Review # 2: I had a great experience working with attorney Garret Lee! I was impressed with the level of communication and transparency I received throughout my case. Highly recommend! (reviewed by: Kate Seigars rating: 5 date published: February 7, 2018)
Review # 3: Attorney Garrett Lee came highly recommended when I needed a lawyer to handle a difficult and sensitive tenant case. Garrett handled the challenging case in a complete and professional manner to arrive at the judgement I was looking for. I would recommend Attorney Lee for anyone needing a lawyer to handle a landlord / tenant dispute. (reviewed by: k maki rating: 5 date published: December 1, 2017)
Review # 4: I had a very positive experience with Luke and his firm. He handled several cases for me, both torts and consumer protection and all were successfully resolved. Coming from the insurance defense side, Luke has unique insights in inner workings of insurance companies. And he is not afraid to litigate cases. Highly recommend. (reviewed by: Eugene Blumkin rating: 5 date published: June 20, 2017)
Review # 5: Garrett D. Lee, Esq. was exceptional in assisting in a landlord/tenant situation. He was extremely thorough, diligent, and transparent throughout the entire process. I would highly recommend using him! (reviewed by: Cody Anderson rating: 5 date published: September 25, 2017)
# Business Name Address Phone Website Categories Rating
47 Neumann Law Group 1 International Pl, 18th Floor, Boston, MA 02110, United States +1 617-918-7790 lawyer, point_of_interest, establishment  
# Business Name Address Phone Website Categories Rating
48 Rawson, Merrigan & Litner, LLP 185 Devonshire St # 1100, Boston, MA 02110, USA +1 617-348-0988 lawyer, point_of_interest, establishment 4
Review # 1: (reviewed by: SNM Media Boston rating: 4 date published: September 10, 2017)
# Business Name Address Phone Website Categories Rating
49 Law Offices of Mark E. Salomone 2379 Washington St, Roxbury, MA 02119, USA +1 617-541-0178 lawyer, point_of_interest, establishment 4.9
Review # 1: I have to say that since the first day that I called their office everybody there has been genuinely kind and caring for me and about my case. I have been going through some personal issues in my life and when Cindy calls me she make sure to ask me on updates in regards to my issues and if she can help me in anyway. they have done far beyond what I ever expected from them. I would only recommend their office for assistance because they genuinely care about their clients.Thank you to Deborah and Cindy for being such amazing loving ladies. (reviewed by: Jessica Burgos rating: 5 date published: April 17, 2018)
Review # 2: I recommend anyone who is looking to be represented by individuals, who truly care about you as a person not just a client and will put your recovery first always. I wouldn’t want any other team beside me when I need help. I can tell you from experience that it feels more like talking to a friend than anything, everyone whom I have dealt with always creates a very comfortable environment which makes the overall process much easier and less stressful. They are truly the best and will hold a wonderful place in my life! (reviewed by: A Henry rating: 5 date published: March 26, 2018)
Review # 3: I decided that I needed a larger law firm to handle my needs and Mark E. Salomone did not disappoint!! They made being able to not be present so easy! I have so much to deal with right now, and being able to handle everything via, email and snail mail made my life so much easier!! They were also able to get me a reduction in my medical liens and send me a check from me extra money from those leins…. So, Thank you to everyone, but especially Cynthia Holt for everything! Love Mark E. Salomone! (reviewed by: Dawn Macone rating: 5 date published: March 28, 2018)
Review # 4: Had an amazing experience. Treated me very well and everything was professionally well done took care of my case very well.. i appreciate all you guys done for me. God bless (reviewed by: Luis Silva Jr. rating: 5 date published: February 15, 2018)
Review # 5: I want to take this time to say they are the best lawyers they help me with my case and they took their time to get what I needed .I give them a 10 + and they were better then my other lawyers I had and I want to say thank you mark and Cindy I really appreciated (reviewed by: Ernesto Camacho rating: 5 date published: March 23, 2018)
# Business Name Address Phone Website Categories Rating
50 The Haymond Law Firm 255 State St, Boston, MA 02109, USA +1 617-248-8918 lawyer, point_of_interest, establishment  
# Business Name Address Phone Website Categories Rating
51 Rosencranz and Associates 2 Center Plaza #610, Boston, MA 02108, USA +1 617-523-6900 lawyer, point_of_interest, establishment 4
Review # 1: My mother slipped and fell in a water puddle at a shaws Last year. There was no sign and no one helped her. Rosencranz got her a settlement within 6 months of taking the case. Highly recommend them. (reviewed by: Cody Jordan rating: 5 date published: April 8, 2018)
Review # 2: Ive had previous claims with Dana, First off let me start off with the bad energy the firm has all around from the receptionist to Dana himself. Everytime i would call to get a update after 6 months of treatment I was hit as a pedestrian at a cross walk last year. Finished my treatment only to get a certified letter in the mail telling me he cannot continue to pursue my claim. Didnt have the decency to call me and explain the situation of the claim and why he can no longer persue it. Stay away this firm is trash. (reviewed by: BOY LLC rating: 1 date published: April 4, 2018)
Review # 3: Rosencranz and associates helped me immensely with my auto accident claim. I was impressed that they came to me to meet with me before I agreed to hire them as my attorney. They worked very hard to get me the money I deserved. Their work also relieved a lot of unnecessary stress that can be brought on by insurance companies. (reviewed by: Leslie Hostetter-Soltesz rating: 5 date published: February 10, 2018)
Review # 4: Helped me get my settlement that I deserved. The initial offer was not enough so Dana recommended that we take it to trial. After the trial I got a larger amount that initially offered. I would suggest going this law office to all my family and friends that run into trouble with car accidents and other injuries. Thank you again Dana. (reviewed by: Bob Saget rating: 5 date published: February 7, 2018)
Review # 5: Great law office and great staff! Gets the job done and cases settles on time! (reviewed by: Aris Bega rating: 5 date published: February 7, 2018)
# Business Name Address Phone Website Categories Rating
52 Altman & Altman, LLP 689 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA +1 617-492-3000 lawyer, point_of_interest, establishment 5
Review # 1: Altman & Altman really took care of everything I needed to win a case. They treat you like family and I was able to fully rely on them while being an international student that knows nothing about legal cases in the U.S., From the beginning they just told me they were gonna take care of every single thing and they did. I couldn’t recommend them enough, I’m thankful for this firm. (reviewed by: Santiago Arias rating: 5 date published: April 5, 2018)
Review # 2: I was so pleased with my experience and getting to know Steven Goldwyn. I’m from out of state so when the summons came in the mail it was bizarre. I did a bit of googling and found Altman and Altman. My wife and I called Steven. She wanted me to hire him immediately but I wasn’t convinced. About a week later I called him back and the passion and fight I was looking for I could hear in his voice. It was almost a year process but I never had to worry. Steven took care of everything, told me when I needed to be there and fought for me. The family struggle we were going through was incredibly divisive and heartbreaking but i always felt confident in Steven giving me the best options. From one father to another Steven, thank you so very much! (reviewed by: Robert Lundyrating: 5 date published: January 17, 2018)
Review # 3: My attorney was Steven Goldwyn! I had a sensitive case and got the best results, thanks to Steven. I appreciate how well he communicated with us and how dedicated he was to making us feel comfortable and well informed. Thanks again, Steven! (reviewed by: Monel Matthew-Soporean rating: 5 date published: January 18, 2018)
Review # 4: I owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to Steven Goldwyn and his Associates at Altman & Altman. It is not an exaggeration to say that Steven Goldwyn saved my life. I won’t get into the specifics of my case, but I was facing felony charges and prison time. Steven tried repeatedly to resolve the matter without bringing the case to trial. He filed numerous motions and collaborated with the District Attorney’s office to resolve the matter. In the end, the District Attorney’s office proved to be unreasonable and unwillingly to work with Steven to resolve the matter and the case went to trial. I had tremendous reservations about going to trial but Steven alleviated my fears and prepared and guided me through the whole process. I am pleased to say that I was found not guilty of all charges. This was only possible because Steven is a seasoned litigator and skilled practitioner of the law. More importantly, Steven is a tremendous individual. He is compassionate and empathic to the plights of his clients and he works tirelessly to represent the best interests of his clients. Steven also has a strong network and alliances across the legal community and within the Court System. As a result, Steven is able to gauge the viability and probability of success in pursuing legal matters. I put my trust in Steven Goldwyn and I would recommend without reservation that you do the same. My family and I are eternally grateful to Steven Goldwyn and I strongly encourage anyone who needs legal representation to contact Steven Goldwyn at Altman & Altman. (reviewed by: James E rating: 5 date published: November 7, 2017)
Review # 5: I recently had a restraining order violation on my background record, that was preventing me from applying for the better jobs in the Boston area. For a number of reasons, I knew going in that this was going to be an uphill battle with only a 50/50 chance of being successful. With my career and reputation on the line, I turned my problem over to Steven and Matt. Within 6-weeks, my record was sealed and I was again able to begin applying for high-end jobs. I have great respect and appreciation for both Steven and Matt. They know what they are doing, and they get the job done. I highly recommend the law firm of Altman & Altman. (reviewed by: Lon Withrow rating: 5 date published: November 2, 2017)
# Business Name Address Phone Website Categories Rating
53 Steven Sussman Law Offices 6 Beacon St # 400, Boston, MA 02108, USA +1 617-973-4800 lawyer, point_of_interest, establishment  
# Business Name Address Phone Website Categories Rating
54 Law Offices of Lipsey & Clifford, P.C. 225 Friend St, Boston, MA 02114, USA +1 800-466-3130 lawyer, point_of_interest, establishment 4.7
Review # 1: I have known attorney Scott Clifford for several years now. He has handled several matters for my physical therapy practice as well as helped me on some personal real estate issues. Scott does an amazing job listening to your needs or issues and then explaining what the best course of action would be. Scott does a lot of real estate work both with home buyers and on commercial purchases. Buying a home can be stressful and scary but Scott has a way of making the process seem much easier by handling all the small details that come along. If you know someone who is looking to buy or sell a home, you should definitely have them call attorney Scott Clifford. (reviewed by: Shawn Cray rating: 5 date published: January 28, 2016)
Review # 2: After my original attorney made what could have been a total mess out of my case and added to the complexity of it, Attorney Lipsey, and his staff, succeeded winning my case. Unlike other attorneys I spoke to, he wanted the case because of its complexity and challenges. (reviewed by: Dan G rating: 5 date published: August 2, 2016)
Review # 3: Attorney Lipsey is a stand up guy and wonderful workers compensation attorney in Boston, MA. I highly recommend his practice. (reviewed by: Fiona G Martin rating: 4 date published: February 7, 2014)
# Business Name Address Phone Website Categories Rating
55 Dane Shulman Associates, LLC 1629 Blue Hill Avenue, Boston, MA 02126, USA +1 617-298-2500 lawyer, point_of_interest, establishment 2.7
Review # 1: I went to Dane Shulman associates for a second time and requested the outstanding services of Daniel Pagoda. Daniel and the whole staff at Dane Shulman are professional and punctual. The sign on the door says “We’ll get you the money you deserve”, when it should actually say “We’ll get you more money than you deserve!” Thanks Dan, your truly freakin AWESOME!!! (reviewed by: Percy Lewis rating: 5 date published: October 26, 2017)
Review # 2: Secretaries behind the desk were polite and attentive. The lawyer listened attently and got straight to the point with a conclusion. (reviewed by: William Cooke rating: 4 date published: November 18, 2017)
Review # 3: Terrible all around, they don’t care nor respect their clients. They NEVER answer phone calls ones they have your deposit neither do they work on the case. DO NOT BRING YOUR CASE THERE! (reviewed by: NEWS Public Relations rating: 1 date published: November 15, 2017)
Review # 4: I have used this law office a couple of times and every time everyone has been very professional and very dedicated to helping me. The staff has always been nice to me. (reviewed by: APRIL BRIDGES rating: 4 date published: May 9, 2017)
Review # 5: I was a previous client. The Attorneys are very good I’ve also recommended others. (reviewed by: Josephine Nash rating: 4 date published: August 28, 2017)
# Business Name Address Phone Website Categories Rating
56 Lennon Law Offices 1 State St Suite 1500, Boston, MA 02109, USA +1 617-263-0001 lawyer, point_of_interest, establishment 1
Review # 1: If you want an attorney who will disregard your doctor’s bills and settle the case without paying the doctor, then, Mike’s your man! (reviewed by: Jordan Arbit rating: 1 date published: February 16, 2012)
# Business Name Address Phone Website Categories Rating
57 Feinberg Campbell & Zack 177 Milk St # 300, Boston, MA 02109, USA +1 617-338-1976 lawyer, point_of_interest, establishment 5
Review # 1: (reviewed by: Tom Freeman rating: 5 date published: September 1, 2017)
# Business Name Address Phone Website Categories Rating
58 Tempus Fugit Law, LLC 183 State St Floor 2, Boston, MA 02109, USA +1 617-752-2371 lawyer, point_of_interest, establishment 5
Review # 1: I spoke with Gil and Laurin about the different avenues of approach concerning my divorce. They accommodated me with a very professional and thorough conversation about the different possibilities and were able to break everything down step by step. They have made this difficult time a lot easier. 10/10 would recommend and trust with my case! (reviewed by: Derek Jordanrating: 5 date published: March 1, 2018)
Review # 2: I worked with this firm for a sale and a purchase of homes. I can say that having used many different firms for different reasons, Tempus Fugit Law is by far the best. I will be using this firm for more of my needs and businesses. I could not recommend the Team at Tempus Fugit Law more…Please consider using them for any of your real estate, Corporate, estate planning or anything you can count on them to work in your best interest and be assured that you are in good hands. Tanks Team (reviewed by: Pete Scahill rating: 5 date published: November 7, 2017)
Review # 3: These guys were great at closing. We had difficulties with financing at the last minute, due to underwriting mistakes, and Tempus Fugit was responsive and supportive, pointing to the places in our PSA where they had built in legal protection for us. Fortunately, the closing took place as scheduled. After closing, we had a potential dispute regarding legal title and parking spot boundaries. Bridget Donovan responded promptly and thoroughly, sending me plans and a title report, and following up with title insurance to clear up the matter. She also offered legal advice for how to negotiate with neighbors. Many thanks to these guys. Highly recommend. (reviewed by: Mindy Green rating: 5 date published: October 13, 2017)
Review # 4: Bridget and the Tempus team were phenomenal to work with and made our closing for our new home and closing on our existing condo painless. Bridget was professional, patient and always looking out for our self interest. I would highly recommend (reviewed by: Timothy Burke rating: 5 date published: December 29, 2017)
Review # 5: I used Tempus Fugit for a refinance based on recommendation from the mortgage company. Team was very easy to work with and completed the closing in a timely fashion. I had a lot of questions which they answered completely via email prior to the closing. They were very accommodating of my schedule and met me at my house. The lawyer went through each document with me and was very patient with all of my questions and me checking the math on closing cost vs. expectations. (reviewed by: Philip Weed rating: 5 date published: September 13, 2017)
# Business Name Address Phone Website Categories Rating
59 Lovenberg & Associates 6 Beacon St Suite 1115, Boston, MA 02108, USA +1 617-973-9950 lawyer, point_of_interest, establishment 4
Review # 1: Very nice lawyer… No parking but easy ti get there by mbta. (reviewed by: Marion Campbell rating: 4 date published: January 18, 2018)
# Business Name Address Phone Website Categories Rating
60 Kazarian Law 1 International Place, Boston, MA 02110, USA +1 617-723-6676 lawyer, point_of_interest, establishment 5
Review # 1: Charles You’re the Best…no nonsense, right to the point. (reviewed by: NIPPLIFE ENTERTAINMENT rating: 5 date published: August 23, 2017)
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