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# Business Name Address Phone Website Categories Rating
1 The Law Offices of Tim O’Hare 1038 S Elm St, Carrollton, TX 75006, USA +1 972-960-0000 lawyer, point_of_interest, establishment
Review # 1: I have sought advice from Mr. O’Hare on more than one occasion and I highly recommend him. He is very knowledgeable and results oriented. I am so thankful for the help I received from everyone in the entire office!! (reviewed by: Missy B rating: 5 date published: February 15, 2018)
Review # 2: They are very professional and did a great job of relieving a very stressful situation for me. (reviewed by: Laurie Cronan rating: 5 date published: March 26, 2018)
Review # 3: I am an attorney and work with many of the best attorneys in the nation, but Tim is who I send my family and my clients to for anything personal injury, auto, or individual litigation. Tim delivers beyond what he promises; he’s as honest, ethical, and extremely competent. I have worked with multiple lawyers from his office and each one was professional and effective. Tim is where I send my clients, friends, and family – and you should see him too. (reviewed by: CW WES rating: 5 date published: February 18, 2017)
Review # 4: While I wasn’t able to sue after my accident, Tim and his staff are very knowledgeable, and know thier stuff. Very on top of things (reviewed by: NiL Nine rating: 5 date published: May 28, 2017)
Review # 5: I can’t really express how pleased I am to have worked with Tim O’Hare to resolve my case. Upon meeting Mr. O’Hare, he gave me my options and set very realistic expectations giving me a timeline as to how this case would my resolved. Mr. O’Hare did exactly what he said he would do and called me to update me personally, every step of the way. It was so encouraging and very comforting to have a lawyer that I knew had my back and would do everything within his power to help me. The outcome was favorable and resolved very quickly. His acute knowledge of the law and his professionalism is very impressive. His office staff is very organized and efficient. I heartily recommend Mr. O’Hare and would absolutely use his services again if the need arises. (reviewed by: Pamela Randall rating: 5 date published: May 13, 2013)
2 Hudson Law Firm 4221 Medical Pkwy #300, Carrollton, TX 75010, USA +1 972-360-9898 lawyer, point_of_interest, establishment
Review # 1: Hudson Law Firm is compassionate professional and sincere. They care about your well being. When I called Hudson Law Firm I received a warm and caring greeting. I selected them because they truly cared. I was always kept in the loop about my case and rarely had to contact them to ask questions because (Sam) was very thorough and took care of everything from the beginning to the end my case. I highly recommend Hudson Law Firm. Thank you Hudson Law Firm (reviewed by: Tiffany Travels rating: 5 date published: March 28, 2018)
Review # 2: I used Hudson Law Firm to help me settle a car accident with a difficult insurance company. They did a fantastic job. I got more for a settlement than I ever thought I would get. The best things about my experience with Hudson Law Firm were the regular and very informative updates as to how the case was progressing and step by step instructions of what I needed to do. The attorneys who assisted me where very professional and knowledgeable about exactly what could be asked for in the settlement processes and they walked me through each step along the way. I only wish I had known to have contacted them earlier in the process. They have a very friendly and accessible staff. Barbara Christ (reviewed by: Barbara Christ rating: 5 date published: February 7, 2018)
Review # 3: Thank you Hudson Lawfirm! After being involved in a terrible multiple car accident and not getting access to proper treatment, I contacted Hudson Law firm to ensure my injuries were handled properly. Joel Hudson and his staff, were professional, personable and easy to work with. Mr. Hudson did a great job to obtain a fair settlement with all involved. I’m very pleased with the outcome and recommend contacting Hudson Law firm if you are in a situation where you need sincere professionals looking out for you! (reviewed by: Manju Mathew rating: 5 date published: March 22, 2018)
Review # 4: My wife was rear ended by a negligent driver and suffered severe upper neck/back trauma. We knew it was in our best interests to seek legal help to assist in dealing with their insurance company. I found Hudson Law Firm on Google and read through all of the reviews. I was initially skeptical due to all of the raving reviews accompanied by 5 stars but the reviews didn’t appear to be fabricated. We met with Sam and they accepted our case. They set my wife up with medical care which was covered under a Letter of Protection(LOP), which promises the medical professionals that they will get paid out of the settlement. This helped tremendously considering the final costs of all of the medical my wife needed. We dealt with Sam primarily and she was always the consummate professional. She kept us informed at all times, answered any and all questions we had, and displayed a sincere concern for my wife’s well being. The only issue we had was with one of the medical providers who, at times, took a long time to respond to the law firm. This, in turn, created a significant gap in treatment and more importantly caused my wife to endure pain for much longer than was needed. Our tips to those going through this process is don’t allow a gap in treatment to occur and take all of the prescribed medication. Mr. Hudson spoke with us directly when it came time to negotiate the settlement. He’s very knowledgeable in the process and will assist you in making an informed decision. In the end, we are very satisfied with the outcome of the settlement. We appreciate the time and effort Mr. Hudson, Sam, and the rest of the team put into our case as well as the level of professionalism, integrity, communication, and personal attention they exhibited. Give them a call and I’m certain they will treat you the same way! (reviewed by: Kevin Mitchell rating: 5 date published: December 14, 2017)
Review # 5: Went to Hudson Law after I was hit from behind which totaled my car. They sent me to the doctors I needed to go see and got me the therapy I needed and at no out of pocket to me.The whole process was made so much better by the professionalism and kind attention I received from Joel and his team. I appreciate it! (reviewed by: Jason B rating: 5 date published: April 18, 2017)
3 Chalaki Law 3234 Commander Dr #100, Carrollton, TX 75006, USA +1 972-793-8500 lawyer, point_of_interest, establishment 4.8 
Review # 1: My Husband and I highly recommend Sean Chalaki and his legal team for any personal auto injury case you may have. Sean himself is available for you and provides personal attention and service for his clients. We contacted him after a multiple car accident and he was able to meet with us within a few hours and consult on our case. With his knowledge and expertise in his field he was able to tell us straightforward if our case was something that would be worth fighting for. His team always ensured we were kept up to date and answered any questions we had throughout the process. We are very happy about the outcome and the amount of stress that was removed from our personal life while they took care of everything is immeasurable. Thank you Chalaki Law!!! (reviewed by: Izamarie Erskine rating: 5 date published: February 13, 2018)
Review # 2: Chalaki Law represented my dad and sister in a injury claim when they were involved in a accident. I cannot say enough good things about Sean and his team. They went above and beyond to make sure all steps taken were in our best interest and did not allow the insurance company to bully, low-ball or undermine our case. From the get go the insurance company tried every tactic in the book to delay covering my dad and sister’s medical bills, but Sean and his team stood firm on all accounts and did not concede to their nonsense. Rocio and Sam were both very diligent throughout the case making sure we were always prepared for whatever was next. I highly recommend Chalaki Law! (reviewed by: Nijyar Tovi rating: 5 date published: November 28, 2017)
Review # 3: He is the best. He is really professional guy. My case was complicated but he won the case easy. I really recommend him. (reviewed by: Mehdi Forootan rating: 5 date published: November 12, 2017)
Review # 4: They have a very good attorney team and they closed my case a lot faster than I expected. (reviewed by: Moein Nz rating: 5 date published: November 24, 2017)
Review # 5: My experience with Sean was amazing! Him and his stuff did an amazing job with my case and making sure I get the best outcome and I did!!! (reviewed by: Sepideh Ebrahim rating: 5 date published: October 17, 2017)
4 Zinda Law Group, PLLC 4125 Fairway Dr #132, Carrollton, TX 75010, USA +1 214-390-3177 lawyer, point_of_interest, establishment
Review # 1: Up until Xmas of 2013, my only exposure to lawyers was through jokes, but it was about to change after a hit-and-run accident, in which the police caught up with the drunk driver and shared his insurance details. From day one, I found the insurance slimy, and from a web review, Mr Jon Clark came highly recommended. It took me some time to write this review myself, but I hope to assist someone else in a similar situation. Mr Clark was meticulous, and set the right expectations at the onset. He would update me only when needed, but no more. He always advised to stay away from courts and judges and reach settlements – golden words, as I would come to know in a later court case. Sure enough, he got me enough money from the insurance company to cover medical expenses and more. (reviewed by: Parthakumar Roy rating: 5 date published: April 20, 2016)
5 Scott Richard Law Office 1000 E Belt Line Rd, Carrollton, TX 75006, USA +1 214-631-3600 lawyer, point_of_interest, establishment  
6 Bailey & Galyen Attorneys at Law 1000 E Belt Line Rd #210, Carrollton, TX 75006, USA +1 972-395-5450 lawyer, point_of_interest, establishment
Review # 1: Thank you so much Jessica and Mrs MAPES for helping me during a difficult time..Your LAW office is very professional. You really care about your clients.You follow up with clients making sure they understand the process step by step.I would highly recommend your law office to family and friends. THANK YOU FOR SOLVING ALL MY LEGAL NEEDS….YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!!!! (reviewed by: Gail Coleman rating: 5 date published: October 26, 2017)
Review # 2: I went through an extremely complicated and drawn out divorce which lasted almost two and a half years. Ms Mapes did a great job considering the circumstances. I am giving Bailey and Galyen 5 stars only because of her, who ever runs the show definitely need to provide her better support staff and corporate can do much better in handling the billing issues. During my divorce I dealt with three paralegals and it was kind of hard. But to her credit Ms Mapes did what she could. I am glad I chose her, the main reason you use a law firm is because of the lawyer and again I am happy I chose her. As mentioned above my divorce was a very nasty, long drawn out multiple issue battle and she fought and counseled well at every point. Best of luck to her and her new team at the location. (reviewed by: Mirza Baig rating: 5 date published: November 7, 2017)
Review # 3: Thank you Bailey and Galyen for the services your cabinet has provided. To Attorney Kieth Lee you’re an exceptional Attorney as well as a wonderful human being with great skills. I recommend Bailey and Galyen to anyone who needs an immigration Lawyer. Thank you so much. (reviewed by: Roberto Armendariz rating: 5 date published: September 27, 2017)
Review # 4: Front desk / lady who answers the phone was not helpful at all. Very rude and uninformed. (reviewed by: Kenneth McKeown rating: 1 date published: March 28, 2018)
Review # 5: My attorney is Keith Lee for immigration, Iam very pleased on how he has put certain things on my case as a priority. He works very well & fast! He is very understanding & fair, he stays in contact with you about everything going on, any updates or concerns… I definitely recommended him for any immigration case! (reviewed by: Angelica Ligona rating: 5 date published: September 18, 2017)
7 Steele Law, P.C. 860 Hebron Pkwy #1103, Lewisville, TX 75057, USA +1 214-333-4357 lawyer, point_of_interest, establishment
Review # 1: Dina Steele represented me in a subrogation matter with my insurance company. The matter was settled fairly for all parties due to her stellar representation of my interests. Since then, I’ve consulted with her several times and is my go to person to answer the question, “does this seem right?” A smart, tough, zealous advocate with a personal touch. She is who we want an attorney to be, not what we so often get. I would strongly recommend Steele Law, PC to anyone in need of legal representation. (reviewed by: Christopher Tippie rating: 5 date published: August 24, 2012)
Review # 2: I would like to recommend the Steele Law firm for both business and personal issues. I had a tragic string of events, that would have lead to a costly, lengthy, legal battle. With Dina’s background, she quickly and efficiently resolved my issue. I have total confidence that Dina is both principled, profecient and results oriented. (reviewed by: Steve Carder rating: 5 date published: July 11, 2012)
8 Frank Shor Law Offices 1620 E Belt Line Rd, Carrollton, TX 75006, USA +1 972-242-8887   lawyer, point_of_interest, establishment  
9 Law Offices of Gilbert De La Garza 2340 E Trinity Mills Rd #300, Carrollton, TX 75006, USA +1 469-314-0090 lawyer, point_of_interest, establishment 4.5 
Review # 1: I hired Mr. De La Garza for a case and he went above and beyond what was asked of him. He was well prepared and detailed on the case. Without his persistent work and attention to detail this case could have gone in the wrong direction for me. This turned out better than I had hoped for and I am glad I went with him. Thank you Mr. Despite La Garza for all you did for me and my family. I will highly recommend you to any and all who ask for a great attorney. (reviewed by: Edward Salinas rating: 5 date published: February 10, 2017)
Review # 2: Mr De La Garza helped out with a case for me, he was very professional, well organized and did everything he could possible do for our case. The outcome was as we expected because he never let up. He kept us up to date on everything that was going on and for that reason we will highly recommend him to anyone. Thank you Mr. De La Garza. (reviewed by: Kara Lemieux rating: 5 date published: February 10, 2017)
Review # 3: Horrible experience. My Ex is a drug addict who had a positive drug screen. He failed to mention any of this at a preliminary child custody hearing and angered the judge. For a $10,000 retainer I got my children put with this drug addict and had to undergo evaluation by 3 court ordered psychologists, who all came back requesting that I get sole custody of the kids. After months of hearings and $150,000 in legal bills, my attorney has managed to clean up the mess this man caused. Mr. De la Garza had minimal knowledge of my case (even though I provided him with every doctor’s report and CPS report). He was completely out of his element in court and only made things worse. Avoid him at all costs. (reviewed by: 7777gonzy rating: 1 date published: February 8, 2017)
Review # 4: Mr. De la Garza worked on a case for my family member and went above and beyond to help them. He was very professional and reviewed the entire case. He worked diligently on this case and for that I am eternally grateful for all your hard work and helping them. I highly recommend Mr. De la Garza. (reviewed by: Roland Souliere rating: 5 date published: February 10, 2017)
Review # 5: Mr. De La Garza has done some legal work for me in the past and present..he is well prepared and very organized and I have always been very satisfied with the outcome I highly recommend his services to all for he is an excellent attorney and I know he will put his best effort in seeing that your legal matters are taken care of just as mine were..he was very knowledgable and easy to talk to but most of can count on him to get the job done (reviewed by: Rick Mayorga rating: 5 date published: February 15, 2017)
10 Le Brocq Law Firm 2150 N Josey Ln, Carrollton, TX 75006, USA +1 469-930-4385 lawyer, point_of_interest, establishment
11 Carboy Law Firm 2540 King Arthur Blvd #215, Lewisville, TX 75056, USA +1 972-410-4200 lawyer, point_of_interest, establishment
12 The Barber Law Firm 1751 W Plano Pkwy, Plano, TX 75075, USA +1 972-231-5800 lawyer, point_of_interest, establishment 4.5 
13 Ragsdale Law Firm 17480 Dallas Pkwy #108, Dallas, TX 75287, USA +1 972-502-9096 lawyer, point_of_interest, establishment
14 Jerry D. Andrews, P.C. 3030 Lyndon B Johnson Fwy #130, Dallas, TX 75234, USA +1 214-221-5800 lawyer, point_of_interest, establishment
15 Mullen & Mullen Law Firm 1825 Market Center Blvd #200, Dallas, TX 75207, USA +1 214-747-5240 lawyer, point_of_interest, establishment 4.9 
16 David S. Kohm & Associates 15305 Dallas Pkwy #300, Addison, TX 75001, USA +1 972-564-8108 lawyer, point_of_interest, establishment 4.6 
17 Samples Ames, PLLC 860 Hebron Pkwy Suite 1103, Lewisville, TX 75057, USA +1 469-466-2600 lawyer, point_of_interest, establishment
18 The Law Office of Vern D. Richards 3740 N Josey Ln #240, Carrollton, TX 75007, USA +1 972-335-2963   lawyer, point_of_interest, establishment  
19 Mullen & Mullen Law Firm 2770 Main St #258, Frisco, TX 75033, USA +1 214-529-3476 lawyer, point_of_interest, establishment 4.9 
20 The Law Offices of Tim O’Hare 3500 Maple Ave Suite 400, Dallas, TX 75219, USA +1 972-960-7771 lawyer, point_of_interest, establishment  
# Business Name Address Phone Website Categories Rating
21 Bailey & Galyen Attorneys at Law 861 W John Carpenter Fwy Suite #100, Irving, TX 75039, USA +1 214-760-6931 lawyer, point_of_interest, establishment 4.4
Review # 1: Do not ever call these people. I was hung up twice and then they specialize in everything that they want to take my case cuz they pick and choose (reviewed by: Michael Turner rating: 1 date published: January 23, 2018)
Review # 2: I worked with John Robinson for 18 months and would like to say it was a pleasure working with John and I would even consider him a friend. His professional courtesy is above reproach. He has always been responsive and up to date about my situation with solid course of action. I will recommend John Robinson who needs legal council. (reviewed by: Mark Martin rating: 5 date published: March 19, 2013)
Review # 3: Going through a divorce is one of the hardest things I’ve had to face esp when a child is involved. Attorney Diana Weitzel and her paralegal Simone Taylor helped ease me through the process and very quickly, as well. Simone gave me great advice and listened to me when I needed her too. Diana got me to that final hearing and in 10 minutes my divorce was final!!! They get the job done and they do it so well!!! If I ever need a family attorney again in the future, I will definitely be giving them a call!!! (reviewed by: Latrissa S rating: 5 date published: March 11, 2013)
Review # 4: Whenever I realized I would need an attorney’s assistance in handling my divorce/child custody issue I was very nervous. You hear so many stories about attorney’s getting paid but not doing the work they originally promised. My fears disappeared once I met attorney Diana Weitzel and her paralegal Simone Taylor. Diana represented me and my children with an iron rod in the court room ever since our first hearing. I am confident that she will continue to do so. I dare not forget to mention her paralegal that has kept me updated so faithfully every step of the way. This firm is blessed to have this angelic duo on it’s side. (reviewed by: Max Mendez rating: 5 date published: February 27, 2013)
Review # 5: Great attorney, he keeps his word and will not let you down, hired him to take care of very important matter and he did it perfectly. If your in trouble call him, he’s the best out there.(reviewed by: Elson Thomas rating: 5 date published: March 2, 2016)
# Business Name Address Phone Website Categories Rating
22 McCracken, Taylor & Nelson P.C. 1120 Metrocrest Dr Suite 200, Carrollton, TX 75006, USA +1 972-416-5000 lawyer, point_of_interest, establishment 5
Review # 1: Leddie has been my attorney since he first opened his practice in downtown Carrollton. I’ve relied on him to handle everything that I needed a good attorney’s help with and every single time, he’s done a terrific job. He’s thorough, insightful and knowledgeable about the law and how it’s applied along with being personable and an all-around nice guy, too. He and his staff are a great resource, are ethical and very easy to work with, too. (reviewed by: Esther McKenna rating: 5 date published: March 4, 2018)
Review # 2: Mr Taylor has been my families lawyer for over 25 years, he’s honest and makes it easy for us non-lawyer types to understand various legal terms, documents and requirements. I’m getting older and Mr. Taylor does an excellent job of following up and making sure i’ve got all of my ‘ducks in a row’ for the next stage of my life. We highly recommend him! (reviewed by: David Nienhiserrating: 5 date published: November 8, 2017)
# Business Name Address Phone Website Categories Rating
23 Bristol & Dubiel LLP 10440 N Central Expy #800, Dallas, TX 75231, USA +1 214-880-9988 accounting, lawyer, finance, point_of_interest, establishment 5
Review # 1: I had Murray Bristol work on a recent case for me. He was very Professional, Knowledgeable and Supportive. He was always available for a chat and was very prompt about giving updates on how the case was progressing. At the beginning the case looked very difficult to win but through his factual investigative expertise and hard work we were able to win it. I would highly recommend Murray to anyone and will definitely use him again if the need arises. (reviewed by: Rob Thom rating: 5 date published: June 29, 2017)
Review # 2: A deserved ‘excellent’ rating. I needed help with international debt recovery matters and was recommended this firm. Mr Dubiel assumed our case – and his handling was characterised by a solid grasp of the legal issues, but more importantly – a grip on the practicalities of negotiation and enforcement. John took or returned calls promptly, and displayed integrity in settling the account promptly. I can commend Bristol & Dubiel. (reviewed by: Gary Worden rating: 5 date published: July 25, 2017)
Review # 3: I’ve known both John and Murray for a number of years. But it wasn’t until recently that I needed their legal services. Knowledgeble. Sincere. Aggressive. Exactly what I wanted in my attorneys when going after a non-paying client. Good thing they were working for me! (reviewed by: William Hartwell rating: 5 date published: September 8, 2015)
Review # 4: John Dubiel is an excellent lawyer who helped me in a personal injury case. He was very honest and reactive to all my needs. I was very pleased with the settlement we worked towards. I would highly recommend his law firm to anyone in need of a case like mine! (reviewed by: Katie Gillund rating: 5 date published: September 16, 2014)
Review # 5: Bristol & Dubiel LLP did an excellent job for me! I was in a car accident and they really took the stress of dealing with it off my shoulders. They made sure I was compensated for all my injuries and more. They were easy to communicate with and kept me updated throughout the case. I would highly recommend their services. They really made dealing with my accident so much easier. (reviewed by: Chelsea Gayhart rating: 5 date published: November 10, 2014)
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