Injured? By someone, somehow? The lawyers all say they will get best compensation. Some do. Here’s some very happy people talking about their AWESOME injury lawyer who did, and few who say “AVOID!” this lawyer. Good reading here. You’ll learn a lot and find a lawyer who will fight for your rights and best compensation.

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Expert Personal Injury Lawyers in Champaign IL

# Business Name Address Phone Website Categories Rating
1 Spiros Law, P.C. 317 E University Ave, Champaign, IL 61820, USA +1 217-328-2828 lawyer, point_of_interest, establishment 4.8 
Review # 1: I hired Spiroslaw after I was in a very severe car accident and easily could have lost my life. Thanks to their hard work and dedication to my case, I now have all my medical bills paid that were near a $100,000, and money to help recover my lingering injuries. I highly recommend them. (reviewed by: Noah Browne rating: 5 date published: March 11, 2018)
Review # 2: They are the best! If I had any questions or problems they always addressed then as soon as possible. (reviewed by: Shawn King rating: 5 date published: March 7, 2018)
Review # 3: I had a very good experience with them. They We’re fast (reviewed by: Mariann Clark rating: 5 date published: February 13, 2018)
Review # 4: I truly am beyond thankful for the careful thought and detail that was put into my case from day one! Jim and Matt were attentive, dedicated and invested the entire time and made sure I was taken care of. I can’t thank you enough for advocating for me and my case like it were your own. I feel a positive sense of closure to such a hard time in my life- THANK YOU. I would absolutely recommend you and your whole staff as #1 in the whole area!!!! (reviewed by: Jenna Gustafson rating: 5 date published: April 8, 2017)
Review # 5: We worked with Miranda Soucie and she was great! Very helpful and always quick to answer any questions we had along the way. Would definitely recommend her. (reviewed by: Chrissy Herschberger rating: 5 date published: August 31, 2017)
2 Woodruff Johnson & Evans Law Offices Champaign M2 on Neil Street, 301 N Neil St Suite 400, Champaign, IL 61820, USA +1 217-305-6084 lawyer, point_of_interest, establishment
Review # 1: (reviewed by: Gregory Pander rating: 5 date published: April 7, 2018)
3 Koester & Bradley, LLP 801 W Springfield Ave, Champaign, IL 61820, USA +1 217-337-1400 lawyer, point_of_interest, establishment
Review # 1: Ryan was very professional and did an excellent job for me. I would highly recommend him for any legal services someone may have. (reviewed by: Daniel Holderrating: 5 date published: October 5, 2016)
Review # 2: (reviewed by: Malcolm Barnes rating: 5 date published: April 10, 2017)
4 Kanoski Bresney 314 S Neil St Suite 101, Champaign, IL 61820, USA +1 217-356-1570 lawyer, point_of_interest, establishment
Review # 1: Everyone at Kanoski Bresney was so helpful to me. I am a young student and they relieved as much stress as they possibly could. I am so glad I chose to use them! Thank you Larry and Karen!! (reviewed by: Valerie Green rating: 5 date published: November 27, 2017)
Review # 2: (reviewed by: Davika Crary rating: 5 date published: August 13, 2017)
5 Frederick & Hagle Attorneys At Law 129 W Main St, Urbana, IL 61801, USA +1 217-367-6092 lawyer, point_of_interest, establishment
Review # 1: Jim Hagle and Aaron Lauter worked on my case with such patience and determination and I’m very happy with the results. I would highly recommend them for any personal injury case! (reviewed by: Natalie Henry rating: 5 date published: February 1, 2017)
Review # 2: I wish to thank Mr Fredrick for the great work that he and his lawyer’s have done with my case I would recommend them to anyone in the world who needs a great lawyer, what I like about them is they let you know about everything, and he is also a good friend. Thank you for everything that you have done for me.I can never thank you enough you my friend you are the greatest. Hector Reyes and Carol Daro-reyes. (reviewed by: Hector reyes rating: 5 date published: October 28, 2016)
Review # 3: Phil Peak at Frederick & Hagle did everything he could to make sure my needs were met. Even long after my case “ended” Phil has continued to provide exceptional care and support. (reviewed by: Bret Beherns rating: 5 date published: September 2, 2016)
Review # 4: I was referred to Mr Frederick through a friend, after my car was hit by another. I am sure happy my friend referred me to him, as he has been doing a good job at making sure things are done in an orderly fashion and has been very patient with my questions, etc. (reviewed by: Renee Winn rating: 5 date published: May 22, 2016)
Review # 5: (reviewed by: Kelly Rutledge rating: 5 date published: September 27, 2016)
6 Patel Law, PC – Attorney at Law 108 W University Ave, Urbana, IL 61801, USA +1 217-384-1111 lawyer, point_of_interest, establishment 4.8 
Review # 1: I would and will never recommend this firm. I did the footwork, hardly any communication whatsoever, met my lawyer 1 time at the court hearing (he never even spoke about my case to the judge), and left me hanging with questions. As I looked over all the other reviews I questioned the legitimacy of them. Positive they are written by staff and/or family. I was just told I shouldn’t have complaints cuz I got a favorable decision. 2 paralegals hung up on me when I requested to speak to the lawyer I’m paying. Awful service! (reviewed by: Jessica Johnson rating: 1 date published: March 23, 2018)
Review # 2: Very professional and great legal counsel team. Best legal counsel choice I ever made and worth every penny. (reviewed by: jaremy sims rating: 5 date published: April 2, 2018)
Review # 3: Me and my mother have had Steve Sarm represent us on multiple cases and was able to make sure to see that justice was served. I continue to choose him as my lawyer because he will go above and beyond to meet the needs of his clients, which can be appreciated with life changing outcomes. His prices are also very fair for the common man because sometimes it feels like good representation is reserved for the rich. I would easily recommend to my family and friends (reviewed by: julius ervinrating: 5 date published: July 4, 2017)
Review # 4: Great communication and worth the wait ! Thank you so much ! Will come back again (reviewed by: Bryona Mcmillian rating: 5 date published: November 10, 2017)
Review # 5: This is a great law firm! I was represented in court by Steve Sarm and he did an excellent job. He was very concerned about justice for me and was very patient with me. I would highly recommend this law firm to my family and friends. (reviewed by: Dwayne Burnside rating: 5 date published: June 27, 2017)
7 Schum Law 2105 N Dunlap St, Champaign, IL 61820, USA +1 217-239-6640 lawyer, point_of_interest, establishment
Review # 1: Very good lawyer gets the job done if you have a problem call Todd schum (reviewed by: Chad Rankin rating: 5 date published: April 2, 2018)
Review # 2: I’ve known and worked with Todd for years – through a local networking group that meets regularly in Urbana and Champaign. Todd and his team are amazing and extremely knowledgeable in all areas of injury law. Highly recommended!! (reviewed by: Jeremy Farrance rating: 5 date published: September 29, 2017)
8 The Law Offices of Frederick W. Nessler & Associates, Ltd 201 W Springfield Ave #1004, Champaign, IL 61820, USA +1 217-344-8888 lawyer, point_of_interest, establishment
Review # 1: My attorney at the firm was Matt Kennedy him and his team was amazing they were very supportive through my whole ordeal and got me compensated for what I deserved thanks again guys for all your help. (reviewed by: Tom Goofy rating: 5 date published: October 24, 2017)
9 Devens & McFetridge, Ltd. 701 Devonshire Dr # 103F, Champaign, IL 61820, USA +1 217-355-9123 lawyer, point_of_interest, establishment
Review # 1: (reviewed by: Cheryl jewell rating: 5 date published: December 20, 2017)
Review # 2: (reviewed by: amy linduska rating: 5 date published: October 21, 2017)
Review # 3: (reviewed by: John Pace rating: 5 date published: March 24, 2017)
10 Miranda L. Soucie 317 E University Ave, Champaign, IL 61820, USA +1 217-328-2828 lawyer, point_of_interest, establishment  
11 Rochelle A. Funderburg 306 W Church St, Champaign, IL 61820, USA +1 217-352-1800 lawyer, point_of_interest, establishment  
12 Tuggle Schiro & Lichtenberger: Jones Dylan R K 154B N Lincoln Ave, Urbana, IL 61801, USA +1 217-337-5100 lawyer, point_of_interest, establishment  
13 Law Offices of John Gadau: Gadau John E 116 N Chestnut St # 200, Champaign, IL 61820, USA +1 217-356-2577   lawyer, point_of_interest, establishment  
14 Doyle Law Team 701 Devonshire Dr, Champaign, IL 61820, USA +1 217-384-5600 lawyer, point_of_interest, establishment  
15 Tuggle Schiro & Lichtenberger 300 Broadway Ave # 154B, Urbana, IL 61801, USA +1 217-337-5100 lawyer, point_of_interest, establishment  
16 Wagner Reese 701 Devonshire Dr, Champaign, IL 61820, USA +1 217-903-4659 lawyer, point_of_interest, establishment  
17 Wyman, Ruth E Robert G Kirchner Law Office 100 Trade Centre Dr, Champaign, IL 61820, USA +1 217-355-5660   lawyer, point_of_interest, establishment  
18 Gregory L Ryan Law Offices 123 W Main St #210, Urbana, IL 61801, USA +1 217-367-9801   lawyer, point_of_interest, establishment
Review # 1: (reviewed by: brad mcwethy rating: 5 date published: April 16, 2016)
19 Tummelson Bryan & Knox, LLP 115 N Broadway Ave, Urbana, IL 61801, USA +1 217-367-2500 lawyer, point_of_interest, establishment
Review # 1: I have used Bryan Schurter for LLC partnerships, Real Estate Transactions as the buyer and seller. As well as for other legal help. The feeling of comfort you get from having a well vetted and trained lawyer like this by your side is priceless. I truly do not know what I would have done without him and his services! When you are going through the quagmire of circumstances that life puts us all through at one time or other, this is the lawyer I would want beside me during those times! He is a second generation lawyer, and with his legal assistant Sandy one heck of a powerful team that has always left me with a sense of calm through confidence in his ability! (reviewed by: ray hughes rating: 5 date published: December 30, 2017)
20 Dodson Piraino & Associates 501 W University Ave, Champaign, IL 61820, USA +1 217-359-8200 lawyer, point_of_interest, establishment 3.5 
Review # 1: I’ve used other attorney at this firm and had no problem, but Scott Dempsey has been completely unresponsive. He filed a motion on my behalf almost exactly 1 year ago. Still unresolved. He sent me an email two months ago that he had all the information he needed and would be contacting me. I spoke to him on phone two and a half weeks ago and he said would call me the next day with amount. I have even left messages inquiring if he is even still my attorney and still no response. No idea what the issue is, but not impressed with the communication or response. (reviewed by: Jon Sanford rating: 2 date published: March 12, 2013)
Review # 2: (reviewed by: Kevin Cody rating: 5 date published: July 14, 2017)
# Business Name Address Phone Website Categories Rating
21 Ivy III Alfred D 202 W Green St, Urbana, IL 61801, USA +1 217-480-4893   lawyer, point_of_interest, establishment  
# Business Name Address Phone Website Categories Rating
22 Petty Law Office, P.C. 702 Bloomington Rd Suite 215, Champaign, IL 61820, USA +1 217-268-3056   lawyer, point_of_interest, establishment  
# Business Name Address Phone Website Categories Rating
23 Robert G Kirchner Law Office 215 E Sherwin Dr, Urbana, IL 61802, USA +1 217-355-5660   lawyer, point_of_interest, establishment  
# Business Name Address Phone Website Categories Rating
24 Patel Law, PC 401 North Vermillion St, Danville, IL 61832, USA +1 217-384-1111 lawyer, point_of_interest, establishment 5
Review # 1: Mr.Patel went well above and beyond to make me feel comfortable. He helped me out so much. He did so well. He made sure that i was’nt nervous before i saw the judge. He made me prepared.I will tell anyone who is in need of a laywer to put their trust in Mr. Patel. He did’nt quit until we recieved the outcome he promised me. Thank you so much. Mr Patel . It truly was a wonderful experice working with you. Julia Guldbrandsen (reviewed by: Julia Guldbrandsen rating: 5 date published: July 16, 2017)
Review # 2: Really fast to find! Several types of lawyer. Excellent!!!! Best result search I’veever had. Fast, easy, and right on target. Thank you for no trouble with all necessary information!! Can’t describe the stress free experience!!!!!! (reviewed by: Martha Burress rating: 5 date published: June 3, 2016)
Review # 3: I had Mr. Patel for 2 cases in the same year. He handled both with upmost attention and kept me informed of the situation throughout the process. His office was very good about answering my questions and having calls returned if I left a message. He was upfront with me about the possible outcomes and what our best strategy was. In one case, the charges got dismissed completely. I would hire him again and recommend him to anyone. (reviewed by: James Kennedy rating: 5 date published: February 27, 2015)
# Business Name Address Phone Website Categories Rating
25 Steigmann Law, PC 1807 Woodfield Dr, Savoy, IL 61874, USA +1 217-351-5818 lawyer, point_of_interest, establishment 3
Review # 1: Best lawyer for an injury claim. From the first day in that office he nor his staff have let me down. Very professional and knows his stuff!!! When I call I always get to talk to him or his assistant which is GREAT. So if you are looking for a GREAT lawyer that will stand up for your rights if you have been wrongfully injured, PLEASE call his office!! I am so so glad I did. I had almost given up on finding someone to represent me. So don’t give up…call Steigmann Law Office in Savoy, IL. (reviewed by: Trudy Zimmermanrating: 5 date published: March 29, 2018)
Review # 2: (reviewed by: Amanda Mendoza rating: 1 date published: February 14, 2018)
# Business Name Address Phone Website Categories Rating
26 Borich Legal, Inc. – Peter T. Borich, Attorney At Law 1717 S Philo Rd Suite 16, Urbana, IL 61802, USA +1 217-800-1809 lawyer, point_of_interest, establishment
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