Injured? By someone, somehow? The lawyers all say they will get best compensation. Some do. Here’s some very happy people talking about their AWESOME injury lawyer who did, and few who say “AVOID!” this lawyer. Good reading here. You’ll learn a lot and find a lawyer who will fight for your rights and best compensation.

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Reviews of Personal Injury Attorneys in Greeley CO

# Business Name Address Phone Website Categories Rating
1 Law Offices of Daniel R. Rosen 710 11th Ave l60, Greeley, CO 80631, USA +1 970-356-5800 lawyer, point_of_interest, establishment
Review # 1: We have worked with Tracie Finn, Law Offices of Daniel Rosen. We appreciate Tracie effort in representing us in this endeavor. We were treated with respect and professional guidance. We recommend higley the Law Offices of Daniel R. Rosen (reviewed by: James Leons rating: 5 date published: May 22, 2018)
Review # 2: It’s about the money not you. Know that before you retain him. (reviewed by: G E rating: 1 date published: March 7, 2018)
2 The Sawaya Law Firm 926 8th Ave, Greeley, CO 80631, USA +1 970-466-3529 lawyer, point_of_interest, establishment
Review # 1: They are there for you and are always ready to help you I feel they go the extra mile to be there when you need them (reviewed by: Robert Becker rating: 5 date published: June 15, 2016)
3 Keith E. Abbott, Attorney at Law 1817 9th St, Greeley, CO 80631, USA +1 800-786-0262   lawyer, point_of_interest, establishment
Review # 1: Helped with my bankruptcy and did all the work making it really easy (reviewed by: nathan dever rating: 5 date published: July 7, 2016)
Review # 2: (reviewed by: Mary Nowak rating: 1 date published: September 26, 2017)
4 Richard Blundell Law Office 3535 W 12th St suite d, Greeley, CO 80634, USA +1 970-306-7215 lawyer, point_of_interest, establishment 2.3 
Review # 1: They couldn’t help me but didn’t let me now till after my 2 month appeal was up so way do I do know (reviewed by: Adrian Acevedo rating: 1 date published: January 23, 2018)
Review # 2: Make sure you do a back ground check on this office before you hire them (reviewed by: Kathleen Bopp rating: 1 date published: March 7, 2018)
Review # 3: (reviewed by: Angela Miller rating: 5 date published: December 10, 2017)
5 Law Office of Regina Walsh Adams 7251 W 20th St Unit G1, Greeley, CO 80634, USA +1 970-506-3892 lawyer, point_of_interest, establishment
Review # 1: I strongly recommend her to anyone. She’s a good lawyer and cares. I always refer her to everyone I know that needs a lawyer. (reviewed by: Valerie Hernandez rating: 5 date published: March 16, 2018)
Review # 2: I had a very good experience working with Mike, all the staff are wonderful. They are very knowledgeable and informative. I would highly recommend their services to anyone. (reviewed by: Aimee French rating: 5 date published: November 10, 2016)
Review # 3: Mrs.Walsh got me every thing I needed.she understood me and helped me.I refer her to my friends and family also to people who need help.she is wonderful. (reviewed by: Kim Rhodenrating: 5 date published: May 23, 2016)
Review # 4: From my first visit to my last I have always felt that Regina cared about my health issues and this caring attitude continued until the conclusion of my case. (reviewed by: Woodrow Jennings rating: 5 date published: January 18, 2017)
Review # 5: Very proffessional and careing (reviewed by: Debra Pollock rating: 5 date published: February 26, 2017)
6 Monk Law Office 6500 W 29th St #220, Greeley, CO 80634, USA +1 970-378-6659 lawyer, finance, point_of_interest, establishment 0
7 Hoggatt Law Office P.C. 3835 W 10th St #200f, Greeley, CO 80634, USA +1 970-460-2220 lawyer, point_of_interest, establishment 0
8 Trevino Law Firm 1770 25th Ave, Greeley, CO 80634, USA +1 970-356-3510 lawyer, point_of_interest, establishment
Review # 1: Dan is an amazing Lawyer he’s saved my ass too many times.” It’s not always what you know, It’s WHO you know” or who he knows! (reviewed by: King Kong rating: 5 date published: October 23, 2017)
Review # 2: (reviewed by: Michael Henry rating: 5 date published: January 23, 2017)
9 Trevino Law Firm 1220 11th Ave #203, Greeley, CO 80631, USA +1 970-356-3510 lawyer, point_of_interest, establishment 0
10 Workers Compensation Lawyer Greeley 801 8th St Suite 220, Greeley, CO 80631, USA +1 970-336-6403 lawyer, point_of_interest, establishment
Review # 1: Great Attorney, he will fight for your rights in Greeley, Fort Collins, Brighton and Loveland as well (reviewed by: Fair Cash Home Buyers rating: 5 date published: March 15, 2018)
Review # 2: Thumbs Up, Great Service and he knows his matter, call him for a consultation if you suffered a Serious Injury or Lesion at work (reviewed by: RIVIERA POINT DEVELOPMENT GROUP PMOrating: 5 date published: May 7, 2018)
Review # 3: Abel is a great lawyer and the best selection for a Work Injury Claim in Greeley, Fort Collins and Brighton in Colorado State, Call him Today (reviewed by: Lou Pozmano rating: 5 date published: November 20, 2017)
Review # 4: Great experience! He is an amazing lawyer, Expert in Severe work accidents, get what you deserve (reviewed by: Jim McCloskey rating: 5 date published: November 7, 2017)
Review # 5: Abel Alvarado is the Best Workers Comp Lawyer in Greeley, Fort Collins, Loveland and Brighton Area in Colorado, 100% satisfaction with his service (reviewed by: John Stewart rating: 5 date published: November 15, 2017)
11 Ring & Associates PC Greeley, CO 80631, USA +1 970-673-4116 lawyer, point_of_interest, establishment 0
12 Janklow & Lazar 710 11th Ave #205, Greeley, CO 80631, USA +1 970-353-4000   lawyer, point_of_interest, establishment 0
13 Grant & Hoffman Law Firm, P.C. 821 9th St, Greeley, CO 80631, USA +1 970-356-5666 lawyer, point_of_interest, establishment 4.4 
Review # 1: I have been working with Grant and Hoffman, and specifically Tom Grant, through a couple of child custody issues for the last 3 years. He is very personable and reasonable, telling me how effective he thinks my requests of the court will be. Having practiced for a couple decades in Weld County I feel like he has a good feel for the precedents in the courts as well as a good relationship with other local professionals. His goal is always to get the best outcome with the least cost and time. His paralegals are also very helpful and friendly. The only complaint I have is that I often feel like there are long periods of silence where I would like more updates of what is going on. This is usually remedied, however by me calling and asking for updates. (reviewed by: Jessica Knoeber rating: 4 date published: November 10, 2017)
Review # 2: Tom and Cindy were wonderful in helping me with my case from the start. I would highly recommend them to anyone who asks me. Thanks again for all your help. (reviewed by: Heath Carroll rating: 5 date published: April 17, 2018)
Review # 3: My wife and I started a business in Greeley this year and Tom Grant helped us from beginning to end. From legal paperwork to negotiations Tom walked us through the entire process. I would recommend his services to anyone! (reviewed by: Bob Hutson rating: 5 date published: October 27, 2017)
Review # 4: Our business dealings with this firm have been outstanding. Corey Preston is extremely knowledgeable, gets all the details exact and has been a great asset to us, his client. (reviewed by: Ira Cooper rating: 5 date published: November 19, 2017)
Review # 5: Great and fast results in helping me obtain my sons birth certificate. Would highly recommend. (reviewed by: Tyler Blocksom rating: 5 date published: November 10, 2017)
14 Morgan Law Office 1007 9th St, Greeley, CO 80631, USA +1 970-356-3600   lawyer, point_of_interest, establishment
Review # 1: Greatest lawyer in Weld County, CO. (reviewed by: Brendan Kelly rating: 5 date published: January 5, 2016)
Review # 2: Perry Mason has nothing on Mr.Dave Morgan.! (reviewed by: Maryellen Martinez rating: 5 date published: April 28, 2016)
Review # 3: (reviewed by: Fidel Meza rating: 5 date published: April 18, 2017)
15 Law Offices of Robert E. Ray 909 11th Ave, Greeley, CO 80631, USA +1 970-351-6083 lawyer, point_of_interest, establishment 4.1 
Review # 1: I found this office to be extremely professional. They consistently provided communication as to the timeline of what to expect. I highly recommend this office for anyone needing the services they provide as they are very willing to work with clients in difficult situations. The financial obligation was not what drove this office as they worked with me on extended time to pay and we stayed in contact throughout the case. The best outcome I could have hoped for was a dismissal and 100% dismissal is what we received. Extremely satisfied client. (reviewed by: Jamie Martinezrating: 5 date published: July 24, 2018)
Review # 2: He is an amazing lawyer.! We live in a totally different state and had to travel for court hearings the night before our first court hearing he had a horrible accident in the process of going into surgery he made sure that we had an attorney to represent us in court. The staff is super helpful. And friendly . we highly recommend there office. (reviewed by: Donna Mayfield rating: 5 date published: August 1, 2018)
Review # 3: I had a great experience with Bob and his other co workers. They always answered my calls and his wife Ezzy worked with me as far as payments! I found his work very good and iam a satisfied customer! Everyone was polite and if Bob wasn’t in the office, I did get Vicente and he was just as good! I would highly recommend Bob Ray as your attorney if you ever need one! (reviewed by: Lena Pulido rating: 5 date published: July 31, 2018)
Review # 4: Back in 2012 i received a felony F4 case that made headlines, front page etc, it was a crime that i felt the odds were against me. I kind of felt helpless And hopeless, i didn’t know where to turn for help, until my cousin had referred me to Mr. Ray. I gave him a call and he was willing to help me. We went to court and immediately every thing had changed, long story short, I left the court room with all charges dropped. Just recently I received another felony F3 case, and Mr. Ray was 1st to come to mind to help me battle this situation, I strongly believe he will get me out of this case as well. i have no doubt, on top of that he was willing to help me out with a payment plan since money is a little tight at the moment. I highly recommend Mr. Ray. (reviewed by: Mason Meza rating: 5 date published: August 1, 2018)
Review # 5: This office was very professional and kept me informed with what was going on in my criminal defense case. He knows the law well and him and his staff are helpful. He got me out of a lot of trouble that I did not think looked very good at first. He got the charges dropped before the court date and didn’t even have to go to court. I would recommend his firm to anyone that finds themselves needing help. (reviewed by: AjArby rating: 5 date published: July 24, 2018)
16 Katherine Allen PC 705 14th St, Greeley, CO 80631, USA +1 970-352-0052   lawyer, point_of_interest, establishment
Review # 1: She was very helpful, won me my disability case (reviewed by: Anita Salazar rating: 5 date published: June 27, 2018)
Review # 2: Very nice lady!! Very informative. (reviewed by: Dee Levin rating: 5 date published: June 27, 2018)
Review # 3: (reviewed by: Rochelle Ortiz rating: 5 date published: June 28, 2018)
Review # 4: (reviewed by: cody wansley rating: 1 date published: July 6, 2015)
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